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Why do we need them?
We have begun work on Dr. Greer’s next and most important documentary:
Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Consciousness, Contact and the human future.
We have many excellent photos and videos but would like to be able to choose from the best of the best.
We are asking all CE-5 participants to please send us any compelling photos and videos of CE-5 contact, as soon as possible.
Please make sure any photos or videos you send includes the following:
  • Your contact information and the contact information of whomever took them.
  • Time / date when the photo/video was taken and under what circumstances.
  • Camera make/model and, if you know details, the aperture, shutter speed, ISO speed, etc. Please be concise.
What we’re especially looking for in video:
  • Craft moving across the sky and then doing something that absolutely cannot be done by a human aircraft (e.g. quick changes in direction, significant acceleration, etc.)
  • Original, high-resolution video that have not been downsampled or compressed for email or text messaging
What we’re especially looking for in photos:
  • Structured craft
  • ET beings
  • Original, high-resolution photos that have not been downsampled or compressed for email or text messaging
Finally, please note:the person who took the photo must be willing to give our organization, STAR – CE-5, unlimited and unrestricted use of the video/photo.
Thank you for your help!
Please send all files to the address below. If you are unable to email these items (due to size), send us a link to Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, or similar site where we can download the files directly.