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This is for previous week long attendees ONLY!


This 6 night expedition is open ONLY to Ambassadors who have completed at least one full week CE-5 Training Expedition with Dr. Greer prior to this event.


We will explore deeper knowledge of the Vedas, Siddhis and Science of Consciousness and how it is related to ET Contact, energy and communication systems.


We will spend the nights under the Stars on 500 private acres with views of Mt. Shasta with the intent to make direct Contact with ET civilizations for the purpose of creating a time of Universal Peace.  All participants will already have attended a week long event, allowing us to go deeper into the concepts and techniques of meditation, remote viewing and direct experience with the ET peoples.


Advanced Vedic concepts and techniques will be shared to facilitate contact and we will explore the various manifestations both material and trans-dimensional that accompany actual ET Contact.


New and explosive information on Covert human/ military  activities around the ET issue will also be shared from new Disclosure Project witnesses who have recently surfaced.


This is a rare opportunity to be at Mt. Shasta in a small group of less than 30 people with Dr. Greer and other experienced Ambassadors to the Universe !