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TICKETS AVAILABLE AT THE DOOR.   We have stopped on line sales but tickets are available at the door or scroll down to sign up for the webinar.

Behind the Curtain: An Expose of Secret Unacknowledged Technologies: YOU HAVE A NEED TO KNOW.

Dr. Greer will share with you the culmination of his 26 years of behind the scenes contacts.  Including details about:

-ARVs – Alien reproduction vehicles – “man-made UFOs”

The latest intel from top secret pentagon sources of facilities underground – and what is being stored there

Locations and corporations involved in USAPs

Plans for a fake alien disclosure

– PLFs – Programmed Life Forms

– Interdimensional Technologies

– Man Made portals into other dimensions

– Psychotronics

– Teleportation

– Cloaking technologies

– Which corporations and which facilities are involved in these secret programs


How to distinguish actual ET craft and beings and how they emerge and vanish in our dimension.

ET manufacturing and transportation technologies – How  you can tell real from fake!

CRITICAL INFORMATION you will not get from anywhere else!


2 – 4 pm – Presentation

4 – 4:15 – break

4:15 – 5 pm – Q & A

5 – 5:30 – Book signing

Click here for tickets: Attend in person – $50 / Student with ID – $25


We will also be offering this presentation via a webinar at the time and you can also watch afterwards at your convenience. – $30

Click here for the webinar.