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Would you like to help advance the movement to end illegal secrecy and begin a new civilization?

To help spread the growing awareness of our true human potential, we are asking volunteers to place posters in their city/town for the promotion of the documentary, Unacknowledged. Digital copies of the 11″x17″ poster is downloadable at the following link: Click Here

It is important that you know the legal environment of your locations. All municipalities have rules regarding posting in public spaces and some are very strict. It is possible that in your area you are able to post anywhere publicly. However, it is more likely the case that postings placed in incorrect locations or left up too long can become infractions that would make the Sirius Disclosure organization or yourself responsible for fines, etc.

It is of the utmost importance that volunteers do not break the law with postings. Sirius Disclosure recommends a “when in doubt – don’t” approach. Posters are always welcome on community boards in coffee shops, co-ops, etc. Also in private spaces where allowed by the owner. Before posting publicly on telephone poles, construction walls, etc., you must understand the rules that apply to your area. This can be understood by checking online for “posting regulations” in your city or town. Also by calling your municipality directly by phone. This process is typically efficient and clear. Please remember, they don’t want you to break the law either and will help you determine how to avoid any problems.

Even amidst the regulations in place it is very possible to reach so many who would otherwise have no idea of this movement or it’s importance. Your actions are another piece of this grass roots movement to free ourselves and our planet from the existential threats that have developed over centuries and are currently at a head. We can succeed if we work together.

Let us End Illegal Secrecy and Begin a New Civilization.

Thank you so much for your efforts.

-Sirius Disclosure



The new documentary is now available for download on a variety of platforms from itunes to vimeo and available on DVD from SiriusDisclosure.com. This film is a fantastic means of making connections in your community and reaching a wide range of people through private showings. Venues can vary from your own home or backyard to your church, community center or rental of a local theater with ticket sales. If you are showing the film with ticket sales or donation then the “door” needs to be split with SiriusDisclosure 50/50 to help continue our work.