The Stanford Atacama Coverup

The Stanford Atacama Coverup

∞ Below are pictures of the Russian humanoid found in 1996

“Assessing the Fidelity of Ancient DNA Sequences Amplified From Nuclear Genes” – 2006 Genetics Society of America.

Chilean humanoid.

This is has been well-known science for over 12 years now. To claim sweeping genetic conclusions on Ancient DNA = scientific malpractice, any objective scientist knows this. With that said, a full investigation into this Stanford University report and the media reporting on this story is absolutely needed.

Lets be clear, we are NOT questioning the sequencing per se, but the spurious and wild conclusions based on the sequencing itself. Nolan spoke to me about this BEFORE running any tests and knows full well that ancient DNA degrades. At this point, Nolan’s conclusions are junk science at its worst. Below is a peer-reviewed paper on WHY old DNA degrades and CANNOT be used to conclude operative genes. THIS is established science, no matter what 14 other scientists say.

For the RECORD: I have never stated the Atacama skeleton is ET; it is a mystery and remains one. Ancient (old) DNA gets oxidized and the base pairs in the DNA alter due to environmental effects. You CANNOT extrapolate these mutations to operative GENES in humans.

Atacama Humanoid

This is the bottom line: Stanford University is reporting junk science. Nolan is part of the TTSA Counter-Intelligence cell. It is the equivalent of those old guys Doug and Dave claiming to have hoaxed the crop circles and MSN saying Case Closed! Rubbish!

We are asking that anyone with legal experience who can investigate these matters, scientists, and whistle-blowers – to please step forward and contact us at

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