2 different apps with 2 different purposes

  • Free ET Contact Network App – to connect with people around the globe

  • ET Contact Tool – a comprehensive course in how to make contact with Extraterrestrial Civilizations using the CE-5 protocols

Combine these two and you will have all you need to form a group and reach out to the stars in Universal Peace!

Free ET Contact Networking App

This is an app to connect with people in your area or around the world.  This is the new app and it is free.

People from all over the world are always asking us how to get together.  A wonderful volunteer team took this to heart and has created this app. Thank you so much!  They are donating the server costs and their time to support it.  It is available for Android and iPhone.

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ET Contact Tool

The ET Contact Tool is a self-contained course on making contact with ET beings authored by Steven M. Greer, M.D., which includes working scientific instruments for detecting anomalous activity.

Dr. Greer as a meditation instructor for over 30 years, he has pioneered techniques that combine meditation and remote viewing for making ET contact. He has trained thousands of people around the world in the use of these methods.

The ET Contact Tool provides you with a full course in these techniques, as well as a suite of tools to help you make contact on your own. It includes over two hours of audio tutorials and guided meditations, along with Dr. Greer’s complete written guide on the science of making contact, custom-tailored for the iPhone.


  • Official training materials authored by Steven M. Greer, M.D.
  • Well-organized instructional manual with over two hours of audio tutorials and guided meditations by Dr. Greer.
  • Working scientific instruments including a magnetometer and compass for detecting anomalous activity.*
  • Includes Images, sounds, and written descriptions of prior contact events.
  • All materials are self-contained within the app- no web connection is required.

* Magnetometer and Compass require iPhone 3gs, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, 6 or 6 Plus. Also available on Ipad.

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