Cosmic Consciousness: Cosmic Cultures and the Coming New Era of Universal Peace

Conscious Life Expo keynote – Sunday February 21, 2016 – 6pm – 8:00 pm

Los Angeles , CA – LAX Hilton – La Jolla Room

If we are going to achieve world peace we need to truly understand the commonalities among peoples and races. How much more so for Peace throughout the Universe. That fundamental commonality is our Universal Consciousness. The light of oneness that shines from within – no matter how different the outside form – is the basis for our communication with all sentient beings.

Join Dr. Greer for a riveting 2 hours discussing the importance of Cosmic Consciousness, Vedic Remote Viewing, the experiences of the Contact groups that have been making contact for over 25 years – and the promise this holds for Universal Peace. Share the vision of what the next 500,000 years of human evolution will be like!

$60 at the door on the date of event

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