October 28/29, 2004.

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George Noory (GN): His name is Dr. Steven Greer, and a long time ago he developed the Disclosure Project, a not for profit research project working to fully disclose the facts about UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and also classified advanced energy and propulsion systems. He has devoted his time and his life to this project. In a moment, Dr. Steven Greer…

GN: Dr. Steven Greer is the founder and CEO of Space Energy Access Systems and also the founder and director of the Disclosure Project. He is an emergency physician and former chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Caldwell Memorial Hospital. Dr. Greer is a lifetime member of Alpha Omega Alpha, the nation’s most prestigious medical honors society. He’s appeared on several national programs, of course including Coast to Coast, and also the Larry King Show, CBS, the BBC and NTV in Japan. Dr. Greer has been supervising a worldwide search for alternative energy sources, specifically those known as zero point or over unity devices with the plan to identify and develop systems which will eliminate the need for fossil fuels, and I hope he’s successful. We’re going to talk about several things tonight with Dr. Steven Greer – of course, his Disclosure Project, and of course SeasPower.com, the company that he is heading up. So welcome to Coast to Coast. Steven, how are you, my friend? Good to talk with you again.

Steven Greer (SG): Good to hear from you. Thank you, it’s good to be here.

GN: I wanted to ask you this, Steven, if we can. Let’s just go back just a little bit for a moment.

SG: Sure.

GN: When you developed the Disclosure Project and you started to put together the people and the puzzle to try to at least get the government to reveal to us some more information, what happened in your life to do that? I mean, here you are a doctor, a medical doctor. All of a sudden, you’re involved in this project. What happened? How did that happen?

SG: Well, it was evolved over many years as a young kid. Actually, when I was eight or nine years old, I saw one of these UFOs not far from where I was – where I grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina and this coincided with the time when my uncle, my mom’s oldest brother, was a senior project engineer for the Lunar Module. He helped design the Lunar Module that took Neil Armstrong to the moon. So as a young man I became, of course, very interested not only in space, but these unusual things that people call UFOs and that became a lifelong interest. Back in 1990, some things happened where I had another sighting of these objects and began to look into it again and concluded that not only were they real, which of course I always knew they were, but that it was time for us to do two things. One, we started the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (or CSETI), and a project of which is the Disclosure Project, and we had two purposes. One was to go out and begin to look all over the world where these objects were being reported and attempt to make contact with the objects or signal to them and we did this and this very quickly got the attention of people like the head of Army Intelligence and friends of the U.S. President and the CIA director and other people because, even though a lot of people thought that this was implausible, what had happened is that we succeeded in basically uncovering a bit of the “rosetta stone”, if you will, of how to contact and communicate with these objects. So from 1990 to 1993 when we launched that project of contact and research in real time all over the world, what evolved from that was a network of people who came to us who said “You’re on the right track, but more than that, here’s what’s already being done in ultra secret and in fact, illegally managed covert projects.” At first I thought this was not terribly plausible until first a few of these goverment/military insiders became a dozen and then forty, and then over a hundred by 2001, and now around 450 to 500, and they keep being identified on a weekly basis. In fact, I’m going to share with your listeners tonight some new information from some of these people who have come forward from the aerospace industry that my uncle was involved with for his entire career. So, little by little, as it were, from age eight until age forty-nine, which is what I am now [both laugh], this whole matter became something of tremendous consuming interest and so much so, of course, that by 1993 and ’94, I was doing briefings for President Clinton’s CIA director and his senior people, and the folks at the Pentagon who wanted to know about a lot of these projects that were being managed and that were looking into this whole area of aerospace technology and advanced propulsion and energy systems and reconnaissance of extraterrestrial vehicles (or ETVs which is actually what they’re called in those circles) but a lot of people, of course, initially couldn’t believe it, and I didn’t initially myself, that folks like the CIA director were flat out denied access to these sort of projects and that they were so compartmentalized and it was so Byzantine and so, quite frankly, rogue and illegal in how they were being managed but very senior members of our government were being blocked from knowing about it. So we had a group of people that became sort of ad hoc advisors and briefers, if I can use that word, for folks in the Congress and the Senate and I met with people in the Senate Intelligence Committee and people who – for example, the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency and the Head of Intelligence for the Joint Staff and many of these other sorts of senior positions. So it was really a long process, and where we are today is, we basically just have an enormous database of documents and insiders – whistleblowers, if you want to call them that.

GN: Sure.

SG: And it has now expanded to being able to identify specific corporations and individuals and institutions that are running these projects and who, quite frankly, and quite tragically are running the Ship of State into the iceberg. So, you know, we’re trying to steer the Titanic away from that, but unfortunately, there are some people who are just hell bent on the current course we’re on and we can talk more about that later.

GN: Did you sense a frustration with some of these heads of departments, for example, Steven, who were not given the access that they probably thought they were entitled to? I mean, were they frustrated?

SG: Well, of course, I mean, and here I am an emergency trauma physician in his thirties sitting with a CIA director, a current CIA director, who is virtually in tears by the end of this three hour meeting because he’s saying to me that “Well, we would like to have this information disclosed, and the President is interested and we’re interested, but how do we disclose what we don’t have access to?” I’ll give you a ‘for example’. Back in 1997, we got together quite a few members of Congress and senior staffers and brought in about a dozen of these military and intelligence witnesses that we had identified (and the people can go on our website DisclosureProject.org and see a lot of that testimony and get it) and basically, I went over after this one meeting with all the Congressmen the next day and ended up briefing an admiral who was head of the J-2 position, the head of Intelligence Joint Chiefs of Staff and prior to the meeting (and this is a very interesting little bit of detail) I had given this man, through my military advisor and our points of contact to him, code numbers and code names of specific projects that were current dealing with this subject (and we have them) and of course, he took them and he made inquiries, and sure enough, he hit one of these highly compartmentalized and very shadowy operations and, of course, at that point they couldn’t deny their existence –

GN: Exactly!

SG: – and they turned to the admiral and said “Well, Sir, you don’t have a need to know.” and he said “What do you mean, I don’t have a need to know, I’m the Head of Intelligence for the Joint Staff!” Now, I’m sitting there, this is being directly related to me by someone at that level and I’m sitting at the Pentagon. So, it turned my life, quite frankly, upside down and it’s extraordinary, but what I learned from it is that the assumptions that people make when they say “the government” is hiding this from us, well, it’s true there are highly classified and illegally run cells, if you want to call them, or compartmentalized projects that deal with this. But 99% of the people at the Pentagon or the Agency or the NSA have no knowledge of this subject and, in fact, they’re more likely to listen to this show to find out what’s going on than in any other way, quite frankly. And tragically this extends all the way up to the level of the presidency and to senior members of congress who are supposed to know. Now, at this point in history – and this of course has evolved from the 1940’s to the present day – the real action is really both transnational and corporate. Really, the big action is in operations at Lockheed and Northrup, contractors for these big covert projects, Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) and people I know who are on their Board, and who’ve been involved in those projects. So there are large, multi-billion dollar operations dealing with this subject but they’re very very shadowy and very hard to unravel. In 1994, I was meeting with Senator Byrd of West Virginia’s chief counsel and attorney who had a top secret clearance and subpoena power and I had a private meeting with him at the Senate Appropriations Committee meeting room and he said “Look, this subject” (he knew it existed), he said, “but with a top secret clearance and subpoena, I have not been able to penetrate it.” He said – and I’m quoting here…this man said, “You’re dealing with the varsity team of all super secret projects. Good luck.” [laughs]…and that’s kind of how the meeting ended. So, that was January of ’94 or February ’94, so it’s been quite a journey and I can say that it’s been in turn frustrating for me, but also quite enlightening to learn how power is exercised, who has it and what’s the agenda and this is really what we need to talk about. What is the agenda and how do the people who are listening to this show affect its outcome?

GN: That’s right, and how can we change it before it’s too late? You know these four hundred plus government, military and intelligence witnesses who have continued to help feed you information have got to be heroes, I would guess. Don’t you think?

SG: They are and I tell people – if they get on our website DisclosureProject.org, and see these guys… I had a filmmaker and a media person in London contact me last week who said he had no idea this sort of evidence and this sort of smoking gun and “deep throat” whistleblower sort of testimony existed on this and he was just completely – well, he was British, so he said he was “gob smacked”. I laughed and I said, “Well, we’re trying to move that out as best we can and we continue to reach folks that, for example, ABC News is doing a special on this that’s going to air in February, as you know, but the main thing is that the people who are listening to shows like this, the millions of people, need to understand there’s action they can take to help that process and if we don’t act, as it says, the old adage is the only thing that allows for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing, and all we have to do is look back to World War II and the rise of Hitler and all that to see that that is very true. So people do need to take responsibility and we do need to protect our democracy. Eisenhower, who is one of my heroes – I mean, he was of course, a conservative Republican and I’m a very non-partisan person – but he very much hit the nail on the head when he said there is this military-industrial complex that will erode our security and will be a threat to our democracy if we’re not vigilant. And, of course as you know, one of our witnesses was an aide to President Eisenhower – Brigadier General Lovekin, who is an attorney in North Carolina and is one of our witnesses, and he was a young man at the time in 1959-1960 and he personally saw the U.S. President getting UFO reports, handling some of the information, but also saw that he was specifically (and this was a five star general and a conservative Republican president) being lied to and being blocked and denied into these corporate projects that had the technologies and were running with them and he was very frustrated and you know, so this is a dysfunctional situation that goes all the way back at least into the 1950’s.

GN: See, they knew these – these I think multinational corporations – they knew these presidents would come and go…

SG: Of course!

GN: …every four to eight years and that they’re the ones that wanted to sustain themselves for a very long time.

SG: That’s right, and just like a CIA director comes and goes every two to six years, or the Chairman of the Joint Staff or – I personally sat at the Pentagon with the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Now I have witnesses inside that agency, the DIA, who have handled sensitive material related to this subject, yet when the general in charge of that agency made inquiries, the only thing he got – now I’m not kidding – I’m sitting here at the Pentagon with my military advisor and the general gets up and walks over to his bookcase and takes a little ET doll off the bookcase and brings it over. He says, “This, Dr. Greer is all I’ve ever gotten out of my inquiries into this subject. I’ve gotten nothing but laughter and ridicule.” And this is a man who is the general in charge of the Defense Intelligence Agency at the time. So, and yet, I’m giving him documents and testimony from the DIA. So the whole thing is — to use the word dysfunctional is an enormous understatement, quite frankly.

GN: Well, and the people you had involved, for example, in that May 9, 2001 Press Conference, unfortunately, because of the tragedy of 9-11, it took some of the thunder away, but I think you’re now regrouping, Steven, and the momentum is going to start again, but these are real people! They’re not Hollywood actors! I mean, they’re out there, they’re government people, military people who decided, “You know what? I’m not going to suppress this anymore,” and they went forward.

SG: That’s right, and these are all people that we have their DD-214’s, (their discharge forms) we have multiple corroboration of their presence at places, many of the categories of events, we have multiple witnesses and documents to corroborate what happened, so, when people say, “Where is the smoking gun? Where is the evidence” I say, “Well, we have it. Can you read English?” I said that once to a scientist and he laughed. I said, “Well if you can read English, we have it, and if you can’t at least it’s now been translated.” The whole Disclosure transcript book that we have, which is nearly six hundred pages, has now been translated into French and is being distributed throughout the country of France right now. But I tell you, on our website, DisclosureProject.org, people can see this two hour Press Conference, but also, you can get either a one hour or two hour or four hour videotape of all these military witnesses. By the way, these are not people with a fuzzy blob over their face with a fake name. They’re shown name, rank and serial number, the whole nine yards.

GN: The real McCoys.

SG: It isn’t one or two of them, it’s dozens and dozens and dozens of them.

GN: And they keep coming, and so, are they still coming? Are you getting new people who want to disclose?

SG: Yes. In fact, in the last week, we have had several, one of whom is an important aerospace top secret Lockheed contractor and I am going to share with you verbatim what he has shared with us, and I’m going to ask for other people to come out to corroborate what I’m going to share. It’s a very important bit of information.

GN: When we make the switch at the half here, Steven, and then we’ll come back and talk about that. What took some of them so long? I mean, here we are, you had this major Disclosure Project in 2001, you’re still getting more and more people. What’s getting them to realize, “I’m going to go public”?

SG: Well, there are many issues. Number One, I think the biggest one was that there was a leadership vacuum. These were people who didn’t know each other for the most part – they were isolated. They needed, in a sense, a support structure and that’s what we created, and I sort of created the leadership to do it, but they’re the ones who really stuck their necks out. I mean, I tell people, I’m just a country doctor here in Virginia who got involved with this. But these guys who had, and have in many cases, top secret clearances, really needed the support and when there became this critical mass of a few of them, then dozens of them and then, four or five hundred of them, they felt safe to do it. They felt they wouldn’t be ridiculed and they trusted us not to mesh in a whole bunch of speculative, crazy stuff, that we kept it very oriented toward the testimony, the documents, the evidence and that was our agreement with them and they trusted us to do it.

GN: What I have liked about you, Steven, in the years that I heard you even talking with Art Bell, was this no-nonsense approach that you have taken to this very serious subject, and I think it is so important now that that approach comes forward and you know, we’ll do as much as we can for you here on this program to do that.

SG: We appreciate your help.

GN: Dr. Steven Greer, our guest, will be back in a moment. We’ll talk more about some of these new Disclosure witnesses. Just mentioned an aerospace contractor. Let’s chat with him about that when we come right back on Coast to Coast A.M.

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GN: …And welcome back to Coast to Coast. I’m George Noory with our guest tonight, Dr. Steven Greer. Steven, you were talking to us about an aerospace contractor who I assume has come to you, then, very very soon in this Disclosure Pproject or was it much later?

SG: No, this has all been in the last week.

GN: Just the last week?

SG: Right, which is why I feel it’s important to share, and he specifically wanted me to share it because it’s a time-sensitive and evolving situation and you’ll see why in a moment. So I think it’s important for people to hear this, and I think others listening know. Remember one of the ways that we’ve been able to corroborate things is that we will go out to the public on a show like this and say, “Look, if there are other people who know about this event or this project, please contact me personally through DisclosureProject.org, our website, and we will, of course, work with you in whatever way we can. And so it’s important that this kind of networking happens. This is really – it’s very grassroots. I mean, it’s not as if somehow we’ve waved a magic wand and all this happened. It’s really a lot of hard work and networking and we rely on the public and people out there listening who are concerned and interested in this issue to make this happen and that’s really how it has happened. Really.

GN: Absolutely, and again, DisclosureProject.org is the way to get back to you, right?

SG: Correct.

GN: Okay, now, this person, this individual, how did he come to you?

SG: Well, he approached us actually through the website and then we’ve gone back and forth and communicated with him and he is a guy who is with Lockheed Martin and – do you want me to just share what he told us?

GN: Absolutely, Steven.

SG: It is really quite good. He said it better than I could. It’s interesting because in one of the follow-on conversations that we had, he said, “We’re watching this project (meaning the Disclosure Project) with great interest, and may elect to reveal more identities later. I am very new to this sort of thing. Before a few weeks ago, I was pretty certain UFOs did not exist as bona fide extraterrestrials and thought people who came forward were ‘touched’.” [chuckles] Now he doesn’t take it so lightly. It’s very interesting because of the project that he has now gotten intelligence on, so this man is a career aerospace guy, like my uncle was. And what he says is (I’ll just share this with you), he says, “A part of me is deathly afraid to come forward with this information, but I feel it is my patriotic duty to do so. I have spent a great deal of my professional career with Lockheed Martin, including an extended period at the facility in Marietta, Georgia. Much of my work is classified and I categorically will not divulge my identity publicly at this time. I am too concerned for the safety of my family and those of my colleagues.” Which is understandable of course. [continuing to read] “As you may know, Lockheed Martin has been involved in multiple stages of the Cassini mission to Saturn. Images from the craft are processed and analyzed at the Space Science Institute in Boulder, Colorado, which is where my main contacts are located. To get right to the point, some of these images have revealed the presence of not one, but several large “craft” of non-terrestrial origin. The sketch has been directly observed by” [the people he works with. I don’t want to name them] “The angles present on the “craft” are such that would not generally occur in nature and therefore it is clear they are not asteroids or other debris caught in the gravitational pull of the planet….” Listen to the description – it’s fascinating! The objects are “ridged saucers, classic flying saucer shapes with several spoked ridges radiating from the center to create a near prismatic shape. Seen from above, they have a shape somewhat like a spider’s orb web. What I refer to as spokes do not appear to be separate structures, but are formed from the skin of the craft: the description is as if it is like a bat’s wing. If you can imagine the skin of a bat covering the fingers that give structure to the wings…”

GN: And that’s a good analogy too, because you get a picture of it [in your mind]

SG: It’s very interesting. It’s an excellent description. [continuing to read] “The photos are clear. I do not know much more about these objects or craft, except their presence was not entirely unexpected [this is very interesting] and that they have not caused any particular alarm in the various agencies. But the suppression of the images was followed as a matter of due course.” So anyway, and it goes on. I don’t want to take a lot of time because I think it’s not polite to read, but that gives an idea of the sort of intelligence. Now this is an ongoing thing that’s just been imaged and there is something that’s out on the web now that’s a Cassini image that is pretty certain to be an artifact. This, however, what he’s describing, is clearly artificial structures moving there. Now, it’s interesting because he says this was not unexpected, and what I point out to people is that that’s because ever since we’ve been sending anything up into space, we have been encountering these objects, including the lunar landings.

GN: Well, they’re following us, aren’t they?

SG: Yes, and they, of course, they’re watching everything that we’re doing as a civilization. Obviously, they’re concerned about, in my opinion, the development of weapons in space, the development of weapons of mass destruction and a civilization that is still killing millions of our own people in warfare going out into space at this stage of our social and, if you will, spiritual evolution. But at any rate, the fact that, of course, he stumbled across this fairly new — he wasn’t someone who was involved in this sort of thing until very recently. But it was interesting he picked up on the fact that it was not unexpected that they would encounter it, which of course, is what I would expect having now, many many different witnesses from various agencies and corporations who have corroborated encounters with these objects, not only in near-Earth orbit, but also near the moon, Mars, and some of the outer planets during reconnaissance and space probes and what have you.

GN: And, what he says, even though this information is new about Cassini and Saturn, what he says is not unlike, then, what some of these other witnesses have told you in the past.

SG: Exactly. It’s an identical and corroborative pattern and I think that it only makes sense, of course, that that would be the case. For example, we have a couple of witnesses who were involved in the Lunar orbiter. Of course, this is the mapping and the probes we sent up to the moon before we actually landed in July of 1969, and one of our witnesses was at Langley where there was a secret facility run by the National Security Agency at the time, that had a multinational staffing, but super-secret, where they were taking images and sequestering them that had – were showing – objects and artificial structures already on the moon and these were lunar orbiter pictures back in the mid-sixties before we landed in ’69. So – and it was processed, it was very routine, and this witness we have was in there and saw this and worked with a man who pulled out these enormous pictures that he was working on and processing and showed him these structures. So, of course, that witness is in the Disclosure book and in the videos that people can see at DisclosureProject.org, but the way that was handled and the way this man now, of course, years later (I mean, we’re talking forty years later) is describing this is very, very, very similar.

GN: How were you able, because he hasn’t disclosed who he is and I can understand that –

SG: Oh, he has. We do know that.

GN: Oh, you do know who he is, you just can’t tell us.

SG: Yes.

GN: Okay, well, that’s good because I was going to say, you feel he is authentic then.

SG: Oh, yes, and there’s no doubt about that and – but what he’s wanting us to do and the reason I’m sharing this is that there are other people who I’m sure have knowledge of this and similar handling of the subject that we would like to come forward and approach us, and I invite people to do that and to let us know if they have further information on this and related matters.

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GN: Welcome back to Coast to Coast, I’m George Noory with Dr. Steven Greer. Steven, I think if Nikola Tesla were still alive, we might have this free energy somewhere out there, don’t you think?

SG: Well, of course, and when Nikola Tesla was alive he had, I’m quite certain, one of these systems and it was not allowed out. Then, you know, Dr. Bearden and I have put together materials and all the way back to the twenties, literally, where people had enormously important electromagnetic system breakthroughs that could have, back then, replaced the need for oil and fossil fuels. But of course, you can’t meter it! And I think it was J. P. Morgan that said “Well, I don’t want anything you can’t put a meter on and charge for.”

GN: Exactly! Exactly.

SG: So, you know, we have the world of our own creation, either by benign neglect, or a lack of courage, or a lack of leadership, or whatever it is, or just good old fashioned human greed, but we’re at the point now in our civilization’s evolution that we’re going to have to confront these issues and unfortunately, we’re the generation that’s had this hot potato finally land in our lap and we’re going to have to deal with it.

GN: If world economies hinge on , let’s say the source of income from energy, would we as a world still be prepared to pay money for it? Maybe the same kind of money we’re paying now, if it were just simply an alternative fuel? Or do you think it really should be almost free?

SG: Well, it – it will be free in the sense that the device itself – for example, the ones that we have seen, like the one that we saw about a year and a half ago that got hijacked, that that we’re still trying to get back on track and back into this country, that was one that we literally could pick up, take out, put on a sidewalk and operate. It was running hundreds of watts of power from the – running real utilities such as fans and stereos and light bulbs and what have you. Now, obviously, there’s no power to meter, but the device itself, of course, would sell for something. But the enormous multitrillion dollar supply line of fuel, as it were, or generated power that’s been distributed from power plants – yes, that would become redundant and unnecessary. But I remind people that computers have replaced typewriters, cars replaced horse and buggies. It is a big issue, but it’s not insurmountable. I think that it’s a matter of people deciding that this has to happen and wisely phasing it in. Unfortunately – now this is how I look at it. A lot of people say, “God, the stuff you talk about is very futuristic.” I said, “No, it’s not. This is stuff that should have been disclosed in the fifties…”

GN: Sure.

SG: …when I was born, and in fact, we’re about a half a century off the natural evolutionary trajectory that our civilization should have taken. And that’s why we’re now seeing so much damage in the environment, so much unrest in our civilization, and this kind of chaos, and madness if you will, is only going to get worse until we finally accept the fact that this kind of serious change has to be managed well, managed wisely, introduced compassionately and done in a way that is as least disruptive as possible. But you see the longer we wait, the less likely it’ll be that we can have an easy transition. I think at this point, the “easy” is gone. It’s going to either be hard or catastrophic and we have to choose if we want to fritter away more of our time, as to whether we want it to end up catastrophic. So, the longer we wait, the more difficult it will be and by the way, you’ve asked this question of why so many of these folks have come forward. They know that these covert projects, many of these military and corporate people are sitting on these sorts of technologies, and I had one man who’s old enough to be my father or grandfather said, “You know, I honestly..” (This is what he said.) “I honestly thought this would have all been out to the public, disclosed in the sixties.” And I looked at him and I –

GN: And working, probably!

SG: Yes, and as each decade went by, he became more and more appalled that we were still digging this big hole that we found ourselves in with the oil wars and everything else. So, it is a serious issue and it’s not mythological that these technologies have existed. There’s strong scientific documents and data related to it, and people have always said, “Well, how did you get from UFO’s to energy?” and I said, “Well, one of the central reasons for the secrecy around UFOs is because the energy and propulsion systems behind them are obviously not using fossil fuels or nuclear power. They’re using entirely new and revolutionary areas of physics that would create a rose garden of a world on this planet, if we could use them peacefully, and see, this is where I think ultimately it is a serious spiritual crisis for humanity, because these technologies are going to have to be used peacefully and – or they’re going to be destructive like any other new technology and yet, if we don’t let them out, we’re going to destroy ourselves with the current technologies. So we’re in a situation where, one way or another, we as a people are going to have to decide to choose to live together in peace and put together the international means to have an enforceable peace. Unfortunately, I think for sometime it’s going to be the peace of chained dogs.

GN: Well, what’s going to happen –

SG: So much of humanity wants to rip each other’s throats out over the most silly things, but –

GN: It’s going to be a worldwide calamity that gets us all back together, that’s the sad part. You know, today –

SG: [laughs] Yes, humans don’t learn too easily, do they?

GN: You know, today, (and I’m not a proponent of vaccines) and people – I’ve gotten some e-mails from people who say, “If a friend of mine dies because of what you’ve said about a vaccine, I’m going to come get you,” and I keep saying, “Wait a minute! I haven’t told one person not to get a shot. Not one.”

SG: Right.

GN: I tell people I don’t get one. I don’t get a flu shot, and you can’t get one now anyway if you wanted to.

SG: If you wanted it, yeah.

GN: They said today, some expert said, that they project a billion people on this planet could die because of the flu and I’m looking at that and saying, that’s one sixth of the world’s population. That can’t be! There’s got to be some sinister force out there that wants to remove a billion people from this planet because I can’t see the flu doing it. I don’t believe it!

SG: Well, the number I’ve actually heard is four billion, but – and this gets into some things that most people don’t want us to go into.

GN: Yeah, let’s stick to energy and UFOs for now.

SG: Okay, but the fact is that there are folks who have agendas that are really crazy. I mean, they’re sort of end-of-the-world, eschatological, kooky things, and there’s some people who feel like, gee, you know, unless we have something like that happen, we won’t have Christ return on a flying saucer, or whatever it is. So the problem is that there is a nexus of misperceptions and, if you can use the word ignorance or what have you, and superstitions, that have gotten us into the current situation. It’s only going to be through a degree of knowledge and enlightenment and reason and …

GN: and tragedy!

SG: ..genuine, in my opinion, genuine spirituality as opposed to religiosity, because of what I have found is that there’s an inverse relationship between religiosity and spirituality, unfortunately.

GN: Do you believe in end times?

SG: Well, I think that every day is an end time. I mean, I think that we are in a cycle. Here’s what I think. I think that we are at the end of a very long cycle in human evolution and an opening of another, so when people say, “Oh, it’s the end of the world!” Well it’s the end of one era of our civilization and the opening of another whole period.

GN: I believe that. I agree with that.

SG: And that’s where we are and we’re at this critical sort of fulcrum, this point where it’s all tipping and we have to, as it were, sort of be midwives, if you will, of this sort of new baby that’s coming forward, which I think is going to be a civilization, as I see it, that will exist for hundreds of thousands of years peacefully, and that we really will go out into space and we will become a truly enlightened people on this planet over the next thousands of years. But we’re also the generation that are the custodians of sort of putting to bed this old time that’s gasping and trying to die. So we have to do both with compassion – and I know I’m using some medical analogies here, but I’m a doctor, what can I do? But, I think that we have to look at it that way and we have to with wisdom and some compassion and love, see how to let the one go out as quietly as possible – it’s not going to be too quiet – but also, not take our eye off the ball. With all the stuff that people talk about that’s very fearsome and all the horrible things going on, what I see, and this is the vision I see, are technologies and knowledge coming together where this Earth really could be so beautiful, where there would be no want and poverty, and no pollution and a sustainable civilization that could stretch thousands of years into the future and go out into space with these technologies. You know, Ben Rich, the head of Lockheed Skunkworks, told us before he died that we already had locked away in super secret projects at Lockheed, technologies that would take us amongst the stars faster than the speed of light, but he said “it would take an act of God to bring them out to benefit humanity,” and he said it with great sadness. So now, what I see is that that eventually will happen and we’re the generation that at the one hand, are kind of have one foot in this old time that’s sort of dying – you can call it the end time in that sense – but also, we have a foot and our vision is stretching over to this other time that really, we’re moving towards very quickly and it’s really unfolding like a flower all around us in many, many ways. So, I have a very long term optimistic view of this, but also I’m not a “pollyanna” about it. I think people have to pull together, work together, and try to make this happen because it isn’t going to happen magically. It’s going to happen by people doing the hard work together.

GN: Right, you know, before you fix the road, you’re going to lose some tires in those potholes.

SG: Yeah, that’s right and –

GN: I mean, that’s what’s going to happen to us –

SG: – and we’ve lost some tires, unfortunately.

GN: – and I think there’s many more to occur with that.

SG: Yes, that’s very much so.

GN: You know, people are concerned really about a couple of things, Steven, when it comes to energy and that is their homes …

SG: Yes.

GN: …and their cars, and both of which to me would seem to be very easy to fix. I mean, I think we can go to some alternative fuel for a car. They’re just holding back on that. And I also see the day (I hope) where every home will have its own self-contained unit, don’t you?

SG: Well, the ones that we have seen, literally could do that. In fact, the one that we’re going to be pursuing very quickly here that’s putting out over a hundred kilowatts is too large for a home, but it could be scaled down so you could have a home sized unit so that every home would have its own power source. You wouldn’t have transmission lines that are so ugly.

GN: Where would you put it? In the back of the house or something like that? Outside?

SG: Each system is different. This particular system could actually be in your basement and wouldn’t have to be connected to the outdoor environment at all, and it’s really quite robust. Others that I’ve seen would have to be somehow connected to the outdoors. There are different types, but the solutions are there and they’re coming. SEAS – seaspower.com – is our corporate website and I encourage anyone who’s an inventor out there who believes they have a significant breakthrough to contact us because I will do everything in my power, once we test and replicate a system and prove that it’s legitimate to bring it out and you know, people say “Well, won’t you be threatened?” I say, “Well, I’ve been threatened for fourteen years,” and I said, “They’re going to have to take me out in a coffin, quite frankly, to get me to stop doing what I’m doing.” And I mean that, and everyone who knows me knows I’m sincere in that regard. So, anyone who has this should approach us through the corporate website, which is seaspower.com. But, the car and the propulsion systems for cars, you can have power packs based on these same type of technologies that will be quite adequate where, forget a replacement fuel, you won’t have any fuel at all and it will run the car.

GN: What works on it? Is it like a magnet, or what happens?

SG: Basically, well, there are various approaches you know, and if you look at – Dr. Bearden is so brilliant. He has a book out that came out last year that’s about a thousand pages called “Energy from the Vacuum.” I highly recommend it to people who want to get into this seriously. But there are some eighteen or nineteen different ways to extract this free energy from the quantum vacuum, or zero point energy field, that have happened over the years. Unfortunately, most of those systems either get confiscated, they’re lost to posterity, the inventors are either assassinated or threatened –

GN: Are they bought off in some cases?

SG: Yeah, most of them are bought off. I mean, I have spoken to a man – I have a witness who had his whole career with Bell Labs. He said that while he was there, there were twenty-eight or twenty-nine of these really advanced systems from just civilian inventors that his corporation had bought up and put on a black shelf.

GN: Just give them a check and they’re done.

SG: Yes. And, of course, this has been going on for a long time and if they are approached and told, sort of hinted at, this sort of reprisals and threats if they don’t cooperate and the enormous wealth they’ll have if they agree to sell out and let it be shelved. Now what I’m telling inventors is don’t do that! We need for them to be –

GN: That’s tempting for them, isn’t it?

SG: Of course, it’s tempting and I know guys who have done it, quite frankly, personally know guys who have done it. What I’ve said to people is that, if someone offered me a hundred billion dollars, I’d show them the door and say I’m not interested. We’re interested in getting this information…

GN: Oh, you wouldn’t take a check for a hundred billion dollars, Steven?

SG: No, I would not.

GN: You’re one of the last ones, then.

SG: I absolutely would not.

GN: I wonder how many people would –

SG: Use a voice analyzer on me, I absolutely wouldn’t, absolutely not.-

GN: Let’s put the voice analyzer on you, all right?

SG: Hook me up to a lie detector. No amount of money, and no amount of threats. And, I told a major news anchor of one of the big networks when I was talking to him about that. He says, “If you get one of these and it has been vetted by some of your university contacts, I’ll have you on the show,” and he says, “But, you know, you might – the government might hit you with one of those orders, national security orders, saying don’t do it,” and I said, “Oh, yeah? Well, be prepared for me to tear it up in front of however many million people you get watching the show. I will tear it up.

GN: What will it take to get – to really get – this alternative energy up and running, in homes, in cars, ready to go?

SG: Well, I think that there’s a whole nexus of problems. First of all, you have to have a legitimate system, that is built, that hasn’t disappeared or been – what I call the “Humpty Dumpty” syndrome, where it’s fallen apart and you can’t get it. So, once we find one like that where the inventor is willing to go the distance and cooperate, or at least hand it off and get it out to the public, the first thing we have to do is get it scientifically replicated at multiple settings where it’s proven, where the scientific and financial and the mass media understand that this is not a hoax or snake oil. You’ve got to do your due diligence, you’ve got to be –

GN: Sure.

SG: – scientific. Once that’s done, our intention is to do a massive disclosure of the technology, I mean, that would make the Disclosure Project of 2001 look like a rounding error, and we will do that, so the public knows it exists and then put it into a rapid R & D [research and development] cycle to get it perfected and out to the public. I’m working with a company now that has done very high tech and quick turnarounds where within six to nine months, they can take a prototype and get it to where it’s being churned out by the thousands or even millions of units. So this is doable, but you first have to have a legitimate system, get the bugs out of it, get it independently vetted and reproducible so that there’s no question that it’s legitimate, and then you can move it over into these stages where it’s out to the public. But, long before they would be sold to the public, we would want to have the public informed. I mean, if I’m welcome back on this show, I’d come back on your show having already had you come out and see it operate yourself. I’d get on ABC, I’d get whatever, and say “Look, the people need to know there is light at the end of the tunnel and here’s the proof of it.” So far, we have not gotten anything that I feel is robust enough to put out in front of the mass public in that way. But we think it is not that far off. There are some very promising technologies we’re looking at this fall and I’m cautiously optimistic that that’ll happen. I would have liked to have had it happen already. But hey, I can’t control all those things. There are a lot of things that have interfered with that progress. But, ultimately, I think the strongest way to make sure these technologies are known is once you have them secured and replicated in safe places, is to have millions and millions of people around the world know it exists because the government at that point, or these covert groups, will not be able to suppress it. Once people know it exists, they’re going to want to have it.

GN: Absolutely.

SG: The marketplace – you know what? Alan Greenspan’s right hand economist told me back a few years ago when we were talking about this, that, she said, “You know, Dr. Greer. The market will take care of it. If you can get it out there and get it proven, it will simply go –

GN: Sure.

SG: – at that point.” But you know, getting to that point is difficult. Usually these systems get intercepted before they get mass public awareness around them, and so what we want to do is quickly go from its identification and verification scientifically to massive public awareness and your listeners, I think would be key in doing that because with the internet and radio and other things, the information can circle the globe very quickly.

GN: How did Disclosure evolve from the UFO coverup to zero point energy and energy. How did that transition occur?

SG: I was following the new energy area because it involves, of course, the UFO issue. When 9-11 happened, I made a phone call to, of course, my wife and to my daughter, who was in D.C to try to get her out of the city, and the third call was to my military advisor and my science advisor and I basically talked to them. I said, “You know what? This is the sign we’re going to have to move into the energy area because that’s what this is all about.” And I’m saying that. It’s sort of a chilling thing, but that’s literally the conversation I had on 9-11 and within a month, we had formed seaspower.com and we have been, of course, looking diligently and testing systems since then because we knew that the secrecy behind the UFOs was largely (not totally, I mean there were religious and other reasons), but largely centered around economics, geopolitical power and energy and that we had just gone too far down the path of keeping these things secret, and our group said, “Look. Now we’ve got to move into this direction.”

GN: All right, stay with us, Steven. We’re going to come right back for one more hour. We’ll open up the phone lines to give you an opportunity to talk with Dr. Steven Greer and also, one thing I want to ask you, Steven, when we come back, because you might know. So many people are reporting seeing this huge triangular shaped object. They’re all over the place. Many of them are near military bases. I want to get your take on that. I’ve never been able to ask you that. I’m George Noory. Back in a moment with you and Dr. Steven Greer, right here on Coast to Coast A.M.

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GN: And welcome back to Coast to Coast. I’m George Noory with Steven Greer. Steven, a question I’ve always wanted to ask you. So many people call this program, and Peter Davenport at the National UFO Reporting Center, about these huge triangular shaped objects that they seem to see.

SG: Right.

GN: Obviously, they’re something, but what are they, I do not know. Do you get reports from some of the people in the Disclosure Project what they might be?

SG: Yes. There are actually several categories of those. There are a number of human made prototypes that are very advanced, sort of electrogravitic (antigravity, if you will) propulsion systems – and they’ve been up being tested for many, many years – that are triangular in shape or delta, sort of, in shape. Some are chevrons. There are also extraterrestrial vehicles that are similar – of course, that’s where they got the idea, from them – and that also have a similar shape. As you know, we have gone on expeditions all over the world, to the volcano down near Mexico City, I think southeast of Mexico City – Popocatepetl – and also around Belgium and the eastern part of Belgium, there near Eupen, where many of these huge triangular objects were seen and we sent our own team there. I was head of this team and went there and had rather close encounters with them and in fact, were able to signal with them with lights for up to twenty minutes at one point where they were circling over just a few thousand feet from us and not very high. Large, about three football fields on each side of this enormous triangle, obviously under intelligent control. So we’ve had some extraordinary close encounters with those objects and actually there’s some excellent accounts of that. There’s a book (the first book we put out was called “Extraterrestrial Contact: The Evidence and Implications”, and people can get that at DisclosureProject.org) where we go through the kind of craft that we’ve encountered and they run the gamut from these enormous triangular objects to very small probes that are the size of a basketball that have flown right into our research groups and zipped back out, to traditionally sort of spherical and disc shaped objects. So, I think that people have to keep in mind that anything that’s been observed that’s an unusual phenomenon like this and that’s of extraterrestrial origin that our aerospace, very classified corporate and military projects have worked at replicating the air form, if you will, or …

GN: Sure.

SG:…shape as well as the propulsion systems. Now, of course, I think the one is much more advanced than the other. The extraterrestrial vehicles are much more advanced, but my understanding is that there have been such enormous breakthroughs since the forties and fifties, when those projects started, up to today that some of the technologies that we have in these classified projects really do look like things out of Star Trek or what have you and it is a very serious R & D effort that’s been going on. Of course, our tax – I tell people, our tax dollars hard at work. At some point, I do hope that we get some benefit from them.

GN: They are hard at work, but we don’t know what they’re doing.

SG: Right. Exactly. Back in ’94, when I was meeting with folks at the Senate Appropriations Committee they said upwards of a hundred billion dollars a year back then was going into these sort of illegal and unaccountable shadowy projects with all the creative accounting, and I was astonished at that number and this was, of course, this man I mentioned before had a subpoena power and top secret clearance and he says, “We just can’t control it.” He says, “It’s hidden in so many places, it’s so much what have you going on and there are so many issues that folks up there on the Hill are dealing with that these things just go on and on and on, like the Energizer Bunny.” No one really has a good handle on it and it just is off and running.

GN: Good point. To the phones we go. You ready, Steven?

SG: Yes, sure.

GN: Let’s go to our first time caller line. You’re on Coast to Coast with Dr. Steven Greer. Hi there.

Caller [male]: Hi.

GN: Yeah. Welcome to the program.

Caller: Thanks, George, I want to say hi to you. I’ve really been enjoying your show the last couple of months. A friend of mine in Indiana turned me on to it and within ten days, I couldn’t believe it, you actually brought up the black triangles and just this summer, I remembered that I’d seen one in 1996 in Michigan and I don’t know what was stranger – seeing it, or the fact that I didn’t think about it for seven years.

GN: Well, I’ll tell you, it’s been around for at least that long. I remember, Steven, some police officers in Millstat, Illinois right around that time period also witnessed it, but that was near Scott Air Force Base, so here again, they’re near military bases.

SG: Right, but at the same time, there’s a large number of reports in areas that aren’t near military bases and that are centered around unstable seismic areas, areas where there’s a lot of volcanic activity. We have found that, in fact, around the Pacific Ring of Fire, wherever there have been significant eruptions of volcanoes, and we reported this back in the early nineties, that there have been very serious and well documented sightings of a variety of these craft, including the large triangular ones, that appear to be monitoring and looking into whatever it is that they’re concerned about regarding the instability around the Pacific Rim and the Pacific Ring of Fire (or so-called Pacific Ring of Fire where all the volcanoes are) and seismic areas there and this has been reported all over the world and not just around the Pacific Basin, but also in Europe and other places.

GN: But they’re huge! I mean, they’re absolutely huge!

SG: Yes, and what’s interesting, the ones that we encountered in Belgium…one of them came over us at Henri-Chappell down out of a cloud and just one corner of it that dipped down was so enormous and a light that was at one end of it looked as if it was larger than a full moon as it was descending on us and some of the gendarmes that we interviewed and spoke with said that one of these objects was over a little town near Henri-Chappell in Eastern Belgium and it was hovering right above the town’s steeple and at one point – they left this out of the official reports because they were afraid of being ridiculed – this enormous object that was three football fields long on each side of this enormous triangle, very silent, maybe a slight transformer humming sound which is what I’ve heard from them, suddenly collapsed into what looked like a red pulsing ball, a plasmalike ball of of energy and then shot straight up out into space. I have heard that report and our groups have seen this sort of phenomenon before, where you have something like, well, what has happened to it? It has shifted, what, out of dimension, or into some other energy form? Here is this massive structured craft that suddenly appears to just collapse into this pulsing point of energy and then flies out into space. So, that’s the sort of – these things are so fascinating and by the way, this is how I really got hooked on this whole thing because when I was a child, as I mentioned, when I was eight or nine years old, I saw one of these objects in broad daylight. It was more of a disc-shaped object, silently hovering and some boys and I in the neighborhood saw it. Of course, my family said “Oh,yes. Well it’s the imagination of a little boy.” But it stuck with me, and so this caller – many people have seen these objects and you never forget it when you’ve seen one…

GN: No.

SG: …particularly if it’s been at fairly close range.

GN: I think Art and Ramona saw one of the big ones, right?

SG: Yes.

GN: Yes. Next up, let’s go to our Wild Card Line. You’re on Coast to Coast. Hi there.

Caller [female]: Hi, this is Jenny.

GN: Hi, Jenny. Where are you?

Caller: I’m calling from Carlisle, Pennsylvania at a truck stop. We just pulled off the fuel island.

GN: Well, welcome to the program and go ahead. The stage is yours.

Caller: Okay. I have a question. I have been following Steven Greer and Michael Tsarion and David Icke’s work.

GN: Okay.

Caller: and – I’m sorry?

GN: Yeah, go ahead.

Caller: Oh, and my question is – okay, first let me say a comment. I understand that what they’re saying is that the reptilian aliens are the ones kind of controlling some of the secret societies which are trying to bring forth this new world order.

GN: Well, that’s definitely what David Icke believes, for example.

SG: I don’t think that’s the case at all, but anyway, go ahead.

Caller: Oh! Oh, okay. I’m sorry. Well then, I misunderstood, but my question was, if there is some kind of negative alien force behind some of the things that are going on that are a little more shady, I was just curious why? What would motivate the aliens to want to bring forth like a one world government, New World Order type thing? I can understand humans, you know, motives, but what would the aliens gain from that? Why are they doing it?

SG: Well, of course, she’s asking me this question so I have to answer it in – with the statement that the question is based on facts not in evidence. My own assessment of this is as follows. There’s a lot of mythology around this subject. I personally don’t see that there’s any evidence at all that there’s some sort of a group of extraterrestrial lifeforms that are calling the shots at all. Now, we have had interaction with various extraterrestrial civilizations and my understanding, from people I have on the inside, there are several dozen, maybe upwards of up in the fifty to seventy range of different star systems with people that have been documented over the decades. However, I think that they’re more concerned with our own ability to cause trouble not only here, but out in space as we develop the ability to go out in space with weapons. There’s no evidence, in my opinion, that there’s hostile intent in the least from these civilizations, and if that were so, we’d have known about it a long time ago. Now, there are reports of different strange looking creatures and I’m going to step into an area here that sounds really science fiction, but I can’t ignore it because I have multiple different corroborating people who’ve worked in facilities where this stuff’s going on, where we have engaged in really extraordinary genetic experiments and have come up with things that are called PLF’s, and this a Programmed Life Form. Now, Programmed Life Form is a human created thing that looks alien, because it’s really quite bizarre, but it’s not extraterrestrial. Now, people look at it and they go, “Well, this was what was going on in the Four Corners area around Dulce” [New Mexico]. There’s a facility that’s underground in England that I have a couple of people who’ve worked in and who have recounted this and they have seen these sort of creatures, but they are not of extraterrestrial origin. They’re of human manufacture. Now, if you can imagine what’s gone on covertly from the forties to today in the area of antigravity and energy generation and of the ability to electronically “dematerialize and re-materialize” objects, all this has been going on in the human domain. The similar level of technology advancement has occurred in the biological and genetic area. Don’t think that whatever was Dolly the sheep was the first thing we’ve ever cloned or experimented with. So there have been extraordinary projects going on within these same sort of mad scientist covert programs dealing with this stuff and it has been used to give people the impression that those things are “aliens.” Now, the whole thing gets very complex because what I believe is that the majority of what people have been told, and maybe have seen, is really a human created smoke screen, a sort of a – it’s like a – you know, the Wizard of Oz with the old man behind the curtain…

GN: Yes.

SG:…pulling all the strings and all that. I think there’s a big Wizard of Oz phenomenon going on and so, in a sense, I guess I’m a terrible skeptic about a lot of the theories and ideas that are out there because the folks I have dealt with, personally, have indicated that there is an enormous capability within these classified projects to “hoax” an alien presence, when it’s actually manmade, etc., and so on, and I think that we have to be very careful, therefore, about what kind of elaborate, you know, sort of ideas we get because I think there are people who would like us to believe that there’s a “threat from outer space” because, you know, look. The one trillion dollar a year military expenditure going on the planet today in 2004, could be grown to a two or three or four trillion dollar a year or more, if we could stampede the Earth’s people into thinking there’s a threat out there that we need to fight. So, I’m very, very conservative about those kinds of ideas, simply because I think there’s too many suspicious characters who would benefit from that kind of fear-mongering and what have you. So, personally, I don’t think that’s happening at all and – now there are people with agendas for a type of New Order in the world that’s very dominant and militaristic. My own view is that we do need a new order in the world, but it’s not that order [laughs]. Do we need a new world order? Yeah, but not the one that is sort of dominated that way. But the whole question about whether there’s some sort of an extraterrestrial presence that’s forcing this agenda, I’m rather skeptical of. My own experience with the phenomenon, and with in fact the ETs, is that they’re really waiting for us to grow up and begin to live in a civilized fashion on this Earth and I think at that point, we would be welcomed out in space with open arms. I think up until then, we’re going to be contained. I have a guy who was with the National Security Agency who told me we’ve been tossed back like a bad penny a few times and have had some of our satellite systems shut down because we have tried to put weapons systems out in space and, in fact, have targeted some of these extraterrestrial vehicles with them. So, until we learn to treat things we don’t understand with a little more respect and without being so quick to shoot first and ask questions later, I think that we’re going to be sort of viewed as a potential wild card, if you will, out there in the universe, and I think just as human civilization has tried to contain certain rogue elements that have gotten out of control, I think that at this point, we’re being watched to be sure that WE don’t get out of control because if you were to look at the course of the human race over the last hundred years, you go from horse-and-buggies to space travel with these enormously powerful technologies and yet we’re still murdering each other and oh, fighting over the craziest things. I lived in the Middle East, by the way, for three years where people who are blood brothers are murdering each other and they basically all believe in the same God, so sit down and be happy. But the fact is that kind of consciousness of division and “us verses them” is exploited, I believe, by people who benefit from the machinery of war. We have to be very careful of that and that’s why I think a lot of those ideas that get put out there are being seeded into our subculture and our awareness for the purpose of eventually rolling out a false threat from outer space to try to unite human civilization and to also aggrandize the usual suspects in the corporate and military-industrial complex.

GN: You know, Steven, if we were genetically altered, something went wrong because …you know.

SG: [laughs] A work in progress, yes!

GN: I mean, what a planet, where they just constantly kill and kill and kill. I mean, we had sixteen thousand murders in this country last year.

SG: Right. Oh, yeah. I’m an emergency doctor and when I was in North Carolina, we were in the county with the highest murder rate in the state, so it was no picnic.

GN: That’s another show all by itself, isn’t it.

SG: Oh, my God! I could tell you – yes, indeed.

GN: Oh, my. Let’s go to our Wild Card Line. Welcome to Coast to Coast. You are on the air with us. Hi there.

Caller [male]: Hi.

GN: Yeah. Go ahead, Sir.

Caller: I’d like to ask him if he thinks we’ll be visited by ETs in large numbers in the future.

GN: Ah! Almost like “Independence Day”, Steven? Could that happen?

SG: Well, I actually see it in another way, not like “Independence Day”, in sort of an invasion scenario, but I do believe – there are several scenarios. If you read the paper I did in 1991 called “The Comprehensive Assessment of the UFO and ET Issue”, and this paper actually got passed around all through all the aerospace industry and the CIA. That’s kind of how I got pushed into that arena and this is in the first book that I mentioned, Extraterrestrial Contact that you can get at the website DisclosureProject.org, and in that I – what became very clear to us when we started analyzing this back in the early nineties, is that the scenario could happen under a few conditions. Number one, if there was a serious geophysical collapse, some sort of enormous Earth change or something that happened, I believe we’ll see it. If there was a thermonuclear war that was so serious and such a large launch that it would threaten the viability of Earth as a biosphere for the evolution of higher intelligent life forms, my understanding is that there would be a massive interception and that that would be stopped. Now, after I made that assessment, I found out from people who had been with the Atomic Energy Commission in the military, that in fact, when we went very close to a DEFCON [Defense Condition] level of that situation, there were a few close calls back during the Cold War that in fact there were events that happened that demonstrated to our National Military command structure that these extraterrestrial vehicles could shut down the ability to launch large numbers of intercontinental ballistic missiles. So I think there are very few situations where you’d see this kind of large scale intervention. One would be an enormously, either manmade or natural catastrophe which of course, may be part and parcel of the same thing if we end up melting both our polar ice caps and putting the whole world’s equilibrium further out of balance. Or if there was a massive manmade war that would be very destructive. I think that – my own opinion about this, and this is my assessment from studying this for most of my life, is that none of these extraterrestrial civilizations are hostile. They’re concerned about our hostility and our ability to be incredibly self-destructive, and yet, they view humanity as having great promise and the Earth as having great promise, and yes, they may have had an ancient connection to the Earth and to the human race.

GN: I wish they would step in and bail us out sometime, Steven. We’ll be back with you in a minute. I want to ask you about the Dan Burisch case when we come back and also, we’ll take more phone calls. Final segment, right here on Coast to Coast A.M.

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GN: Steven Greer, can you react at all? Do you have any input into the Dan Burisch story which is bizarre as it comes? His mother called us last week and she’s concerned, claiming that she hasn’t heard from him in a long, long time. Are you familiar at all, Steven, with this case?

SG: Not that well. Not well enough to really comment on it…

GN: Okay, let’s go back to the calls. Let’s go to our West of the Rockies line, you’re on with Dr. Steven Greer. Hi there. [pause] Hello? Going once …

Caller: Just a second, I think my phone just ran out of –

GN: Okay, because you’ve been waiting so long, I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt here.

Caller [male]: Okay.

GN: You okay?

Caller: Uh – yeah, I got a landline here.

GN: [laughs] Live radio…

Caller: I was listening, I guess it was two months ago now…

GN: Uh huh.

Caller: …to your guest…. I got the name down as Dr. Roger Leir…

GN: Yeah.

Caller: …he claimed to have artifacts from UFOs, and when he was describing them, he said one sentence that really hit me. “The isotopic distribution was extraordinary.” Well, I have found that same sentence in a book I want to tell you about, “Nuclear Transmutation: – “

GN: Hmm.

Caller: The Reality of Cold Fusion,” by Tadahiko Mizuno.

SG: Right, I’m familiar with it.

Caller: Now, Mizuno and his colleagues were doing some experiments with a gold cathode inside the – inside the glass thing, passing electricity through the anode and the cathode…

GN: Right.

Caller: …and the gold cathode turned black and the stuff that was black fell to the bottom of the cell. The stuff was iron is what it is. Now, iron comes in four different masses. Iron 56 amounts to 91.72% of the sample and you’ll find the same amount, the same percentage, in iron taken from any place on Earth.

GN: So, what’s your point, Sir?

Caller: Well, the iron that he got as a result of this electrolysis – the iron 57 was only, usually only 2%, but 45% was iron 56.

GN: I know, but you’re losing me. What’s your point?

Caller: This is a result of electrolysis causing nuclear reaction.

SG: Right, and what you’re really talking about, and if I can comment on this –

GN: Yeah, go ahead, Steven.

SG: there are a number of technologies that have been around for quite some time, and not just extraterrestrial, but one of the problems with people saying “I have something that’s from outer space, or extraterrestrial, you can’t make that assessment unless you know what the deep covert capabilities are. Now, we know that there have been technologies using plasma type energies that have been able to alter nuclear structures, literally. I mean, it sounds mythological. Transmutation of the elements have occurred. In fact, I’m working with an inventor now who does not want us to talk about this at all, so I can’t even describe the type of system he has, but in his process, he is getting elements that were not there from the intake material because of this same kind of effect. So that is something that does occur with these sort of “new energy” type physics, and it’s not surprising, of course, that people have come across that in these new energy areas, but also certainly anything that would be UFO related, whether it’s a manmade propulsion and energy system or one that’s actually from outer space. But, that is a phenomenon that’s been reported in a number of places in which we have personally – I have personally seen a reactor (not a nuclear reactor by the way) that does cause that to happen in the course of its process and so, I think that it is understood how it happens. It’s a rather esoteric area of nuclear physics, but it does occur as does the “cold fusion” phenomenon occur.

GN: Okay. East of the Rockies, you’re on with Dr. Steven Greer. Your turn. Hi.

Caller [male]: Hey there. I’ve … there was so much covered here. I wrote down a list of four to five or six things and I just have to comment on your work and digress. You know you said “work in progress”, work in digress, which leads us maybe to turning gold into iron, does it not? Can I just run through these things and then I’ll get to maybe the meat of it?

GN: Really quickly. We have lots of people on the line here.

Caller: It’s whatever you want to do. Whether you want to do this thing of Yucca Valley and the Tesla circular building up there, the military-industrial complex, the Mother Nature/Father Time, you know, Betty and Barney Hill, ending of Project Blue Book leading to the attention to the crop circles and all kinds of things. I’ve put a star by here and this is just an ignorant layman’s thing about, oh, I don’t know if I need an astrophysicist or a space travel thing, but let’s just say the way the tank treads move a tank along the ground in their oblong – you know, circular, you know, oblong circular tire appearance.

GN: Sure.

Caller: Let’s just say the way that electricity moves, moving the electron from, what is it, from molecule to molecule, the outer circle of the atom and/or molecule, what if, you know, an adequate quantity being burst of these electrons from, you know, could just be shot forward and we could move through space on an astro tank tread, if you will, as in a treadmill in space, and then it would just turn under and be, you know, those electrons replaced with the oncoming lacking atoms, molecules, and it’s just a far out concept without any basis of knowledge but yet, you know, what if?

SG: Well, actually, what’s happening with actual space travel are systems that, through very advanced physics and resonance frequency, causes a quantum shift across the light barrier, and basically – if you see a car driving around that has XINGPT on it (Crossing Point), that’s my car, and it refers to everything resonating beyond the velocity of light. But you don’t go through the light barrier incrementally and you’re not going to travel through space with electrons or ions because it’s at the speed of light or below, it’s too slow. These systems actually allow for an entire craft or an object to alter its form – and some would say this is interdimensional. In a sense, that’s true and false, but we don’t have time to go into that. But where it shifts over into a phase or form of energy that’s closer to what used to be called the etheric, and it is no longer “solid” in a three dimensional way. It has shifted totally in the way it is functioning in a quantum way. Interestingly, I have a witness, if you look at the Disclosure book – it’s just called “Disclosure” and you can get it on our website DisclosureProject.org – one of the military guys who was at the Toronto Air Station back in the fifties personally was at an experiment where through this type of electronics, they took a solid object, I believe it was a glass ashtray, if I remember correctly, dematerialized it – that sounds like right out of Star Trek – and re-materialized it in another room and did this back and forth with electronics that they had figured out in 1953, before I was born. So, what people need to understand is that that is real. That is not fictitious or fanciful. So, the means to do this – and of course many people would say “Well, you know, Dr. Greer, well, if we have that, why are we still drivin’ around with cars?” Well, this gets into the whole discussion of what, where we were before, about how things are controlled and metered and what have you. But, in terms of what is physically possible and what’s been scientifically done, this type of phenomenon allows for an object to literally “dematerialize then re-materialize.” Well, where is it between one point in space and another? It’s in a form -you guys were talking about ghosts earlier in your lead-in…

GN: Yeah.

SG: It’s in a form that closely approximates what the mystics used to call astral or etheric energy, but it’s scientific and so these craft, like that huge triangle in Belgium that collapsed into this sort of plasma like light and then just vanished off into space, you’re dealing with a physics that “ain’t your Granddad’s oldsmobile” and it certainly isn’t just electrons or things that are going at the speed of light or anything subluminal. These are things that go beyond this crossing point of light where the entire sort of curvelinear universe is altered and you get into what I call a non-local universe. By the way, this is also why UFO phenomena and extraterrestrial technologies interface so seamlessly with consciousness, the dreamstate, and I’ll tell you something that I found from an insider. Dreamland, this area out at the Nellis Range out in Area 51, was named that because the technologies they’re playing around with that will cause you, if you’re in one of these devices to be in a form where you feel like you’re having one of these out of body experiences, or a lucid dream, which is really sort of an etheric or astral body activation when you have these lucid, clear dreams. So, these technologies cross over into areas that have usually been relegated into the realm of the mystic or the mythological but in actuality, it’s a very specific science and that’s what we’re talking about when we talk about superluminal, or faster than the speed of light, extraterrestrial or human experimental technologies.

GN: You know, they shut Tesla down, too, didn’t they?

SG: Of course. Oh, absolutely. I have no doubt he was murdered and most of his really sensitive papers, I understand from insiders, were confiscated.

GN: Yeah, they raided his office and his home.

SG: Yes, and they were never fully returned, because I have dealt with people who were involved with that, actually, and way back, and it apparently, the really key information that he had developed and which had been suppressed during his lifetime was confiscated and was never seen again.

GN: Sad. Wild Card Line, welcome to Coast to Coast. You’re on with us. Hi there.

Caller [male]: Hey, how you guys doing?

GN: We are all well. Go ahead.

Caller: Great. One – two things. I have seen one of them big huge triangle UFOs about six years ago on South Beach in Miami [Florida].

GN: On South Beach?

Caller: Yeah. Have you ever been to South Beach?

GN: Oh, lots!

SG: Yeah, I go there all the time. I’m a party animal. You kidding? Fun!

Caller: I don’t drink. I don’t do drugs. I don’t do any of that stuff.

SG: I don’t either, but you still have a good time. Yeah.

Caller: Yeah. I’ve had a great time there.

SG: I tell you, I’m the wildest guy you’ll ever meet if you go out with me, but that’s another discussion…

[all three laugh]

Caller: Right.

GN: That’s another lie detector test, Steven. No, I’m kidding. Go ahead.

Caller: I’m hanging out with this girl, so I had a witness, and we’re there talking and getting to know each other and if you look up, you can’t see too many stars because of the city lights and such, but we could see some stars and from the left to the right, this thing flew across the sky and it had a blur around it like on the television, how the blur out profanity…

SG: Right.

Caller: This blur was around this triangle and if a commercial jet flies at sixty thousand – or thirty thousand feet – going from Canada to Mexico, that’s pretty high. This thing was twice as high as that and just huge, and I point and I say, “Oh, my God!” and she says, “Look at that!” and we both saw it and she was like, “You were in the Navy, what was that?” I’m like, “I have no idea!”

SG: Right. Yes, these have been reported actually down in that area and I have a friend who is in Santa Barbara who has actually filmed a number of them moving along the channel, the Santa Barbara Channel, out there in the Pacific. We have been out on expeditions where a non-illuminated craft, like you’re describing, as it moves ove, simply is darker than the sky, actually, and blackens out the sky as it moves across and I have a witness, one of our aircraft witnesses, who’s actually a commercial 747 pilot, who encountered one of these, also, out over the Atlantic, but further south toward Brazil, moving at enormous speed and actually went underneath the jet and lifted the 747 up just briefly, sort of like a little hiccup as you’re going along and this is a very serious case involving a senior 747 captain for a major airline. So, those have been seen and they can be enormous and move at tremendous velocities and make all kinds of right hand turns and what have you, at thousands of miles per hour. I’ll also point out that when they’re right at the point that is at this what I call Crossing Point phenomenon where it’s not quite here but not quite there either in terms of its resonance, they take on a plasma and etheric quality and the edges of them do become very blurry and quite amorphous, almost mirage like. I know that Colonel Corso described that in one of the craft that he saw out there at Holloman Air Force Base, where in fact it would be solid and then it would disappear and there’d just almost be like a heat wave distortion in the air and the space around where it was and then it would re-materialize again. So, you’re dealing with technologies that do these sort of things and it’s really quite fascinating. Now, I don’t pretend to understand all the physics. Like I said, I’m a country doctor here in Virginia and I certainly don’t have a physics degree, but I have guys I’m working with who do understand this and have explained it to me so I can at least articulate it in layman’s terms, but I’m not expert on the physics behind these things.

GN: Steven, if you were to get one wish granted, albeit finding that alternative energy or zero point source, or getting full government disclosure, for example, on UFOs and ETs, which of the two would you pick? Which one?

SG: Either one will do, and I’ll tell you why. People have asked me this for years because they can’t quite figure out how, enigmatically, I have moved between these two areas. If there is an honest disclosure of the UFO issue, that will have to entail the coming out of people who know about the physics behind the propulsion systems and everyone’s going to then say, “What do we know about it?” When that’s asked honestly, it will be answered and when that’s answered, we’ll have the new energy thing. On the other hand, if we can find an energy system, and I was meeting with a member of the House National Security Committee last summer and he said, “You know, if you can get a human inventor who understands this, it would prove the physics and the energy access systems (as it were, why I call my company Space Energy Access Systems) that would prove, then, the physics behind these enigmatic aerial phenomena called UFOs and what have you.” So, the one will lead to the other, you see. But at this point, we critically need, not only disclosure of the truth on the UFO issue and a coming clean of these very rogue and illegal cabals that are running this system into the ground, but we’ve got to bring the actual physical sciences out. We need to start that process because remember, if we identify (and I hope someone out there listening is a serious inventor that has something that they can share with us to try to get out to the public before it’s too late) but if we can do that, it will cause many things to be empowered, including the disclosure of the UFO matter. So, the one will help the other and at this point, I’d be happy with either. But I see ourselves as a civilization in critical need of serious solutions for energy generation, the geopolitical situation and the environment, and so it’s a very practical issue, and that’s why, as I mentioned, after 9-11, we shifted our focus, not exclusively by any means, but heavily towards identifying these types of energy systems.

GN: I tell you what, you may find that individual inventor, Steven, who develops a small unit, let’s say for one’s house, and then without any backing, he probably will be able to start selling these to homes and all of a sudden, it’ll be hopefully, too late to stop him.

SG: Well, that’s what we want to help somebody do, because we have a team of really wonderful people, not only scientists, but people in many circles. I mean, I was meeting with a member of Congress earlier this year for a couple of hours and I think that what we can do is open the door to not only the public, but to the friendly people in our government. Don’t think at all that the government are all a bunch of bad guys. 99.9% of people are just trying to do their job. They’re not involved in these kind of secret projects and they would love to see this kind of solution and we have built bridges to all those good people who are out there and that’s what we want to do is bring these technologies across that bridge and get the support they deserve.

GN: Very good. Dr. Steven Greer. Thank you, Steven. Two websites, DisclosureProject.org and SeasPower.com….[closing credits and remarks]… I’m George Noory somewhere out there on Coast to Coast A.M. I’ll see you on our next edition. Until then, Be Safe, Everyone.