16 December 2002

Dear Friends and Supporters of [CSETI and] The Disclosure Project,

As 2002 ends, I would like to thank our friends, supporters and representatives for all of the hard work and dedication of the past 18 months. Since the launch of The Disclosure Project 18 months ago, we have reached hundreds of millions of people in virtually every country on earth with the truth that we are not alone and that the world needs Disclosure.

Since 9/11, this message has been seen as even more relevant: The illegal suppression of energy and propulsion technologies that could free the entire earth from our addiction to oil is seen as key to humanity’s survival and to world peace. The foreign policy imperative of maintaining an endless supply of cheap oil from the mid-east to the US has direct relevance to the current issue of global terrorism and rising anti-Americanism. And yet the only solutions our leaders devise are more holes in the ground to get at more oil – and more war.

But the definitive replacement for internal combustion energy systems sits locked away in illegal and unconstitutional ‘black projects’. As Ben Rich, Head of Lockheed Skunkworks said before he died, it would take an Act of God to get these wondrous new technologies out to benefit the world. But perhaps many people, like you, working together, can be that Act of God to get the truth out to the world and establish a new way of living peacefully on the earth.

Next year will be the year of these new energy Disclosures. We are planning a new National Press Club event to unveil the existence of these technologies and insist that their suppression end. World peace and decency demands it. Can there be a greater crime against humanity (and the earth that gives all of us life) than to continue to withhold so great a blessing out of fear and greed? It is our duty and our moral obligation to see that the truth is known and that these illegally suppressed technologies are brought forward to benefit all of humanity.

In February, we will be gathering in Palm Springs to meet and discuss these and other important matters, and to go out under the stars each night to meditate and create a time of Universal Peace. Please join us if you can. [see

http://www.cseti.org/programs/upcoming.htm   for more information on registering]

And please, continue to spread the word, in your communities and with your friends families and co-workers: The solutions exist, and we must compassionately Disclose them. Only then will humanity find justice and in that justice, Peace.

And once we establish Peace, the entire Universe will open its arms to all of us.

Wishing you the best of all worlds, and with profound gratitude for all of your support,

Steven M. Greer MD
Director, The Disclosure Project / CSETI