The following is an excerpt from Dr. Greer’s lecture at the Prophet’s Conference in Palm Springs, California on December 15, 2000.

I would like to address this young lady’s question, which I think was very important. And the reason I think it’s a very important point is that we may have an eternity to evolve in consciousness, but we are running out of time quickly to fix the way we are destroying this biosphere. And this is the problem we must deal with urgently. And there’s a saying, “When there is the most great task at hand, even the important ones have to be delayed.” Now this is why we are working very hard with both political, scientific, inventors, everything else trying to bring out exactly the technological capability along with the consciousness.

But the technological capability to establish a sustainable, peaceful civilization on this planet, we do not have that ability today in the overt common society. It exists within covert projects, which you and I have paid for. And I’m not speaking by theory or speculation. This is what we know and this is what we can prove. Now how do you get it out there?

There is a very powerful international group that has delayed the disclosure of this stuff not for so much of the, “oh, my God, it’s going to knock Catholicism on its ass and theology on its ass and philosophy on its ass and it’s a paradigm busting thing.” We’re talking a six trillion dollar a year sector of our economy called the energy sector, which would be terminated, as we know it. And this is no small deal at all geopolitically or otherwise. These are the issues on a practical level that whoever that was who asked that question it’s a very important issue because even the extraterrestrial experience that many people who have had contact with ETs, including myself have had, is that they are extremely concerned about those issues, ionizing nuclear radiation, weapons of mass destruction, the collapse of the biosphere, the use of poisonous chemicals that we don’t need to be using, internal combustion engines, which we should have retired in the 50s and could have done so.

These are important issues, because it is true that paradigms and revolutions in thought may take decades and centuries and cycles and eons. However, Gaia, the earth cannot withstand the abuse she’s undergone the last 100 years for another 20. Forget 80 years. We know that we’re going to reach a terminal decay velocity of decay well within the next 20 years. And so the people that I’m working with are urgently trying to resolve this issue.

And this is something that if this is the area that you’re interested in and can help in, let us know. But it is something that has to be addressed, because you can philosophize till the cows come home, but ultimately we all want to have a world to give our children. I would like to hand off to my four daughters a world that is sustainable and that isn’t facing eminent geophysical collapse.