Criteria for the Privatization of Disclosure of Information Related to UFOs/ETI

25 January 1997


The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) through its Project Starlight initiative, has identified a significant number of first hand United States government, military and intelligence programs witnesses to UFOs of extraterrestrial origin.

In an effort to widen the scope of these investigations, CSETI is calling for additional government UFO witnesses to come forward, and for the US Congress to hold open hearings where these witnesses may testify without fear of reprisal.

CSETI has received legal opinions that the ongoing, extra- constitutional covert management of this subject is in violation of the US constitution, and that therefore the witnesses to these events are not legally bound to silence by pre-existing national security oaths on this subject (see attached documents).

In a letter dated 15 November 1996 (click here to read) CSETI stated this position, and asked for relevant feedback from the White House, key members of Congress, the CIA, and other government officials. The letter also stated that, unless otherwise directed (UNODIR) we would regard these witnesses as free to speak openly about this matter as of 1 January 1997. None of the agencies or government leaders, all of whom acknowledged receipt of the letter, provided any policy, guidance or refuting materials by 1 January 1997 to correct this position.

Additionally, under current legal opinion, these witnesses are now considered free to speak without penalty, punishment or reprisal because of provisions provided by the Congress within the so- called ‘Whistle Blower’ legislation. This legislation, designed to allow government employees and government contractor employees to come forward with information regarding corruption and wrong- doing, protects these government UFO witnesses from any punishment or reprisals. This protection extends to both government employees and civilian employees of private government contractors.

Given the illegal and extra-constitutional nature of current covert projects dealing with these issues, CSETI maintains that government and government contractor witnesses to UFO progrms and events have a constitutional obligation to come forward with information on this subject, and are encouraged to do so .

CSETI will be convening a closed meeting of such witnesses in the early spring of 1997, and will be asking members of Congress to hold open hearings where these witnesses may testify.

Since the current covert management of this issue constitutes a grave and growing threat to the national security of the United States, CSETI is asking that these hearings take place by this summer.

Any government employee or government contract UFO witnesses who would like to cooperate with this initiative should contact CSETI’s International Director Steven M. Greer M.D. as soon as possible. CSETI has determined that assembling numerous such witnesses in a coalition, to come forward in unison, is the safest and most credible way to move this subject to public disclosure.