To Take Our Place Among the Stars

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1 Spirit of Ma’at Vol 3 March 2003 (

With Steven Greer, MD

by Paula Peterson

Dr. Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project website features the following quote, which speaks to the heart of Greer’s courageous and pioneering efforts:

“In the counsels of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the Military Industrial Complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals so that security and liberty may prosper together.”

—President Dwight David Eisenhower Farewell Address to the Nation, January 1961

In 1998, Dr. Steven Greer left a lucrative medical practice to undertake The Disclosure Project. Since then, through his efforts, powerful political, military, and religious leaders, as well as millions of lay people throughout the world, have been enlightened to the truth about our visitors from the stars and how and why this has all been kept secret for over half a century.

Paula: What first inspired you to become involved in the study of UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence?

Steven: My life-long interest began when I was very young, in North Carolina, and saw a spacecraft one afternoon at close range. It was a silent, hovering object and I knew immediately that it was not a normal airplane.

That was in 1963. I continued to have sightings throughout my late teenage years and early adulthood, and continued throughout my career as a medical emergency doctor.

Paula: How did the CSETI program begin?

Steven: The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence started in 1990. We formulized our efforts into a protocol based on very advanced states of consciousness used to establish contact with extraterrestrial spacecraft. The program grew worldwide and eventually captured the attention of a number of

important people, including Admiral James Woolsey, CIA director under President Bill Clinton.

Paula: What have been some of your experiences using the CSETI protocols?

Steven: Well, they’ve run the gamut. Beginning as early as 1991, our team in Belgium was traveling in a car when we experienced an encounter with a massive triangular-shaped craft. It vibrated the entire car and everyone in it as it hovered overhead at close range while interacting with us.

Another time, we experienced the landing of a huge disk in England that was over one hundred foot in diameter. And outside of Mexico City, at the volcano Popocatépetl, we had multiple close encounters with spacecraft and their occupants. These were witnessed not only by ourselves but also by the nearby villagers.

Our interplanetary diplomatic efforts have produced extraordinary results all over the world. We want to continue to train people in the protocols for achieving contact with extraterrestrial intelligence within the context of universal peace.

Paula: Many people have a misunderstanding of extraterrestrial intelligence and have fear or confusion around it.

Steven: Yes. One of my deep concerns—and this is why I rarely give interviews to UFO or New Age connected efforts—is the “tabloidization” of the subject. Admiral Hill-Norton, the five-star admiral who was for years head of the Ministry of Defense, said, “It’s a shame that this subject is the target of the rubbishing in the tabloids when it should be taken up by the most serious institutions, the media focus, and universities in the land.”

It’s important that people understand that the topic of extraterrestrial intelligence and their spacecraft has been trivialized in order to stop people from taking more serious actions on the matter.

Promoting fear of alien visitors plays directly into the agenda that Wernher von Braun warned us about: that there would be an attempt to hoax a threat from outer space so that trillions of dollars could be spent in putting weapons out there. I think that this is precisely what has been happening on a psychological warfare and propaganda basis for forty to fifty years within the Ufology field. Now it has seeped into the mainstream subculture. It’s important to ask ourselves, To what extent have we all been manipulated into thinking this way? And also to realize how those beliefs and attitudes can be translated into subconscious action where we create a future based on conflict rather than on universal peace. We cannot go forward as a civilization at all if we become a “united earth” standing against other worlds.

There is no reason for us to fear extraterrestrial intelligence. When I spoke with Monsignor Balducci of the Vatican, he said, “We should regard them as children of God, just as we are.”

This is the goal of CSETI: to bring teams of people together—lay people from all walks of life—and teach them about the nature of extraterrestrial reality, their technologies, and also what the diplomatic protocol should be. In this way, we may safely view these other intelligent life forms so that we as humans are saved from our predilections toward prejudice, warfare, and a tribalism mentality of “Us versus Them.”

Paula: You’ve been able to reach some of the most powerful leaders in our country with the results of CSETI and now with The Disclosure Project campaign. Is there greater support and more acceptance of your efforts?

Steven: There has been acceptance all along. In reality, important people everywhere have always been interested in this matter. If you can approach the topic in an intelligent way that is also constructive, you can have a very significant dialogue with powerful people. That’s the work we’ve been doing since the early ’90s: meeting with senior political and military figures on the issues of UFO and extraterrestrial intelligence. As an example, I was the first to brief the Clinton Administration on this subject, as well as Clinton’s CIA director, Admiral James Woolsey.

Paula: It amazes me that I still meet people who firmly believe that we are the only intelligent life form in the whole universe and find the topic of intelligent life elsewhere to be laughable. Do you think that more people would talk about it if they knew they would not be laughed at?

Steven: Some members of the public may think that everybody snickers when it comes to discussing UFOs. But when highly academically credentialed medical doctors, along with scientists and top-secret, high-ranking military personnel walk into a meeting with a senator or a member of congress and put it all out on the table, no one is laughing at all. It’s taken very seriously.

But even though high officials are taking an interest in the subject, it doesn’t mean they have the courage to do anything about it. Since they are focused on their own protection, their own safety—and in some instances, their own investment, ambition, and self-aggrandizement—they don’t want to step out and be the front for something as powerful as this.

Even when they take the matter under advisement, the question for any of these people becomes whether they are willing to do anything about it. Are they willing to solve the problem of illegal secrecy and the suppression of technologies—which, lacking these technologies, have kept the world in an oil-dependant state of feudalism, world wars, geo-political instability, environmental decay, and massive poverty?

Paula: Doing something about it takes an enormous amount of courage. I can see why you and people like yourself who speak out on these matters are taking huge risks.

Steven: As recently as this summer, one of my military witnesses—a brigadier general —was approached by a three-star general, who said, “You should tell Dr. Greer that he should be checking under his vehicle for explosives, because he’s stepping on so many big toes.” I’ve heard statements like this since I began this work.

The problem is, there’s a horrifying paucity of leadership and spiritual courage on the part of the good people to take action. And when good people don’t do what they need to be doing, then people who have an orientation toward fascism, domination, or aggression are able to seize the day. In the vacuum created by the relative apathy of basically good and average people, these rapacious wolves come marching in and take over. It’s very similar to what happened in Hitler’s Germany. At age twenty-two, when I lived in Israel and shared the same apartment building with a number of holocaust survivors, I found that they were not surprised at the monstrous nature of the Nazis. What really horrified them was the good, average, middle-class Germans who looked the other way and did nothing as their children were being stuffed into boxcars going to Auschwitz and other concentration camps.

This is precisely what happened in the post-World War II era, when the UFO issue became very important and was classified Above Top Secret. The folks who saw the value of the information—as well as the technology they were studying—grabbed it and ran with it. And there was no one there to “stand them down,” as they say in the military. To this date they have not been stood down.

This is why we have lost fifty years of human evolution on Earth. We could have had a world without poverty and without environmental decay. We could have had a stable world civilization going out into space, using advanced antigravity-type propulsion systems that would have enabled us to take our place among the stars with other civilization that are out there now.

All of that could have and should have happened in the mid-1900s. Needless to say, it did not happen, because those oriented toward domination, centralized control, fascism and elitism helped sway the outcome of events.

Paula: And it was never allowed to become public knowledge.

Steven: Yes. Due to the secrecy, most good people didn’t even know this was going on. And the ones who did know didn’t do enough to stop it—or they were left twisting in the wind alone because other good people would not join and support them in the task. Effective action has not been forthcoming from our leaders, and this is why we have concluded that it will be the common people who make the changes happen.

Paula: From your perspective, why are UFOs and extraterrestrial contacts kept secret by our government?

Steven: The first thing to understand is that the secrecy was not sustained to keep people from panicking at the idea of life in outer space. The reasons for the secrecy have more to do with keeping the multitrillion-dollar oil-gas-coal internal- combustion-engine and transportation systems in their status quo and in the current geopolitical state. This is the real reason for the secrecy—not only around UFOs but also around the breakthroughs since the 1940s and 1950s in new energy technologies involving electro-gravitic and antigravity propulsion systems.

As it stands, there is some seventy percent of the public that already accepts that there is intelligent life out there. And more than fifty percent believe that the government is keeping secrets about UFOs and is hiding something. So, again, sustaining the secrecy has nothing to do with protecting the people from panic.

Paula: And what about the new technologies in relationship to ET intelligence?

Steven: We’re dealing with technologies that interface with mind and thought, so there is an interdimensional component regarding extraterrestrial contact that considers the spiritual levels of consciousness. On the other hand, there are also significant and rather serious three-dimensional energy propulsion technologies that can serve humanity right now that are being suppressed. And this will have to change.

These are all technologies that would enable humanity to be freed from its addiction to oil. However, freeing ourselves from an oil-based economy would drastically change the geopolitical structure. It also would change the central financial system that exists in the world today and de-centralize it almost to a village level.

For this reason, we have recently formed an operation known as Space Energy Access Systems (SEAS) [now The Orion Project], to promote these critical technologies to replace fossil fuels and bring them out to the public in the coming months and years.

Again, this is a risky operation. Many people have been imprisoned or murdered for such efforts. But we feel that we have enough high profile and powerful people who want to see this whole situation turned around to give us the protection we need in order to proceed.

Paula: The more people who know the truth about these issues and get involved, the more change we will see.

Steven: To make these changes, we need more mainstream people of substance and stature to take an interest and to put out the information in an intelligent way and in a language that has meaning for the culture, the ethos of the scientific community, the mainstream political community, and the mainstream media. This

is the commitment of The Disclosure Project: to get this information out to the public in just such a manner.

Paula: What has happened so far?

Steven: The very good news in all of this is that while there may not be much action from officialdom yet, officialdom has been briefed and they have the information. We will now begin to see the coming out of this information, as well as the coming out of these new technologies. It will then be up to the people not only to help to bring them out but to protect them.

When there are hundreds of millions of people who have the knowledge, it cannot be suppressed. So we want to move very quickly now, and that’s why I’m glad that you’re putting this into your magazine.

Paula: Is it important for a person to have seen a UFO or have contact with an extraterrestrial intelligence to gain an understanding of the immensity of these issues?

Steven: Whether or not a person ever sees a UFO is quite immaterial. The real action is on the level of consciousness, and that, of course, is a universal field of resonance that affects the outcome in ways that we can never begin to imagine.

We’re in a new millennium, and it’s critical to view this matter in a much more enlightened way. The Disclosure Project, the CSETI training program, and now the SEAS [now The Orion Project] project are ways to achieve this. If nothing else, like Sheldrake’s morphogenic field theory, our work has made a positive impact on the consciousness of humanity.

Paula: Your work is very inspirational, but obviously it also been very challenging for you. What keeps you motivated? What are the rewards?

Steven: On a personal level, it’s been catastrophic. I gave up a quarter of a million dollars per year as an emergency medical doctor to do this work. Financially and professionally, it’s been disastrous. And in dealing with the media, it’s been ruinous. This is a topic where you open yourself up to every kind of slander and defamation of character. I’ve also seen far too few people willing to take action.

From a selfish point of view, one could never endure the challenges. What keeps me motivated, however, is that it is an unselfish endeavor.

I have a deeply spiritual connection to God and I’m convinced that we’re in a time whose hallmark is universal peace. And those of us who are working together to create this all over the world—whether or not they are connected to my group— understand when I say that this is a purpose that transcends one’s selfish interests.

To help establish a stable humanity on earth that can co-exist peacefully with civilizations from space is the greatest challenge of the time in which we live. And whatever God-given gifts each of us has should be brought forward to achieve that end. That’s why I’ve given up my medical practice for now to do this work. Aside from that, when you asked about the rewards, I must say just how incredibly fascinating all these experiences have been. To be out on a remote desert landscape with our team and have the experience of contact with an advanced civilization hovering above us in a spacecraft! It has been astounding and wonderful.

The other rewards have been in working with many wonderful people, the core of whom are completely pure hearted and deeply spiritual. For example, two of the closest friends of the Dalai Llama who are on our advisory team. On balance, one has to view this effort almost like the path of a bodhisattva, where you’re willing to sacrifice your own personal interest because—lets’ face it—unless you’re willing to state publicly that you were just molested by aliens, there is no money in this field. If I were to make such statements, I would have hundreds of millions of dollars being thrown at me by the intelligence community, which is why the alien abduction subculture is so financially well-put.

But if you’re doing anything meaningful, there is absolutely no monetary return— nothing at all. And that’s one of the sad realities that most people have no knowledge of. And it’s one I don’t normally speak about. But since you asked, that’s the truth of it.

Paula: In closing, what else would you like us to know?

Steven: We’ve entered into a whole new period of human evolution, and there is much more to come. We are witnessing the ending of one era and the beginning of another. And great turmoil always precedes great change.

When we look at the course of human evolution over hundreds of thousands of years to the present development of consciousness, it’s breathtaking. And that’s the time we’re living in.

Unlike the past, where humanity has risen up and then fallen back down into a Dark Age, we’re now on a path of ascendancy that will herald an unbroken period of peace for thousands of years.

It’s an extraordinary vision that I know to be true and one that I want to share with people so they don’t get so bogged down with all the ugly turmoil of what I call the last “death gasps” of this era.

Paula: Thank you so much for being available to speak with us. I hope you know how deeply we appreciate the challenging work that you are doing.

Steven: It’s not just me. It’s everyone who joins with us. When we all pull together, it will happen. It could have happened a hundred years ago. But the timing isn’t relevant now; it’s the conscious effort of humans that’s relevant. Our intention and consciousness will have to be put into action to make it so—and if we make it so, it will be so. That’s how we need to view it in order to make it happen. The potential for it is now. Universal peace is like a ripe fruit ready to fall into our hands.

Steven Greer, MD, is director and founder of The Disclosure Project, CSETI (Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence), and [the Orion Project]. He also made the widely acclaimed and impressive Disclosure Video.

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