Copyright 1994 by Dr. Steven Greer, MD.

Vol.3 No.1
May 1994


The last three months have seen extraordinary – even historic – developments in the CSETI project. CSETI has launched Project Starlight, which is designed to educate world leaders, leaders in society, and the world’s population to the fact that the earth is being visited by advanced extraterrestrial civilizations. A comprehensive and world encompassing strategy has been designed to achieve these educational goals, which will culminate in a world announcement regarding the existence of extraterrestrial life forms.

Much has been learned through a number of preliminary meetings with leaders of society and government, in the U.S., England, and Japan. We have found a remarkable degree of agreement that now is the time to move decisively towards openness and disclosure on this important subject, and that this should be achieved in the next one to two years. The end of the Cold War, the increasing disclosures and declassification of documents by the Department of Energy and CIA, the continuing world-wide extraterrestrial sightings in Europe, Mexico, South America, and elsewhere all support the trend towards a new openness on this subject.

What I am about to write next is something which I would not have believed six months ago, but I feel that I must share this with you since it is a significant new perspective that affects our overall strategy and thinking.

Through a number of significant meetings which I and others working on Project Starlight have had, I have reached the tentative conclusion that virtually all of the U.S.’s elected and appointed officials, including the President and Cabinet members, are “out of the loop” on this subject. This is an informal opinion based on significant meetings with relevant and knowledgeable people. Exactly who, then, is at the reins of this whole area, both in the U.S. and internationally, remains a mystery. But we have a good idea of the nature of this group. It is probably:

1. Multi – National
2. Multi – Agency
3. Quasi – Governmental
4. Quasi – Private
5. Extraordinarily Secret

If true, this means a number of things:

1. The President of the U.S., the Cabinet, and perhaps even the Joint Chiefs of Staff may not be able to disclose anything on this subject, since they probably do not have access to the real information. And if they ask, I am not at all confident that they would be told the truth, if anything at all.

2. Those controlling this subject may do so without any legal, constitutional, or moral authority. This would be true both in the U.S. and abroad.

3. Those controlling the subject should be approached and convinced that the world has changed, and it is time to also change the current policy of secrecy to one of increasing openness and disclosure. Not to do so is both dangerous, and without rational or moral foundation.

4. Knowledgeable and sincere civilians around the world must come together to collect the best available evidence on this subject, and then educate world leaders, leaders in society, and our fellow humans. We must not assume that those controlling this subject (and who possess “hard evidence”) will do this without a leadership initiative (such as Project Starlight).

Along the way, one of the stranger, and more telling things I have learned is that a number of people in the UFO community actually do not want a major public announcement of this issue! This sentiment has been expressed by more that one person, and speaks volumes. Of course, with a sudden, alarmist, and poorly thought out strategy for an announcement, any sane person would resist. But even a well thought out, unalarming and positive announcement has been rejected by these individuals. Why?

As always, the primary purpose of CSETI remains real — true research and diplomacy with extraterrestrial intelligence. We have to conduct four to six RMIT expeditions this year, and continue to develop and expand working group operations world – wide. But we also must realize that our effort at open contact cannot occur in a vacuum. I am convinced that to the extent world leadership and the world’s population is correctly educated and accepts the reality of extraterrestrial civilizations, to that extent CSETI will have more and more direct and open CE-5 events. I believe ETI is waiting for us to educate our own people and soon. In his sense, Project Starlight and the CE-5 initiative of world-wide research and diplomacy are symbiotic, synergistic, and mutually supportive.

When the world finally accepts that we are not alone in the universe, flood gates of open contact to ET civilizations will open. May our lights, our tones, and our minds be ready!

Wishing all of you the best all worlds!