Steven M. Greer, M.D.
Director, CSETI and The Disclosure Project

May 2012

Joshua Tree Sunset

Each year since 1996, CSETI has conducted an intensive training event in Joshua Tree National Park to contact extraterrestrial civilizations. From November 15 through 21, 2009, CSETI staff and a group of 40 national and international students spent six nights deep in the park, learning and practicing the contact protocols.

Late the night of November 17, 2009 a series of remarkable–and historic–events transpired, including the visit of an extraterrestrial being within a few feet of the contact team, photographed by a senior team member.

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Some background: Since 1996 we have had an increasing level of contact in Joshua Tree. (See the new book  In 1996, while conducting a similar expedition in Joshua Tree, we were visited by a very large disc-shaped ET craft that descended quickly from space and merged into the earth. This craft was 200+ feet in diameter, flat on the bottom and rose to a tapered point, much like a Hershey’s Kiss. It was teal green in color, sparkling and not fully materialized, but very brilliant and visible. As it approached the earth, the desert was illumined very briefly as if it were daytime, and the craft rapidly entered the earth.

We noted the exact spot of entry, which is very deep in the center of the nearly 800,000-acre Joshua Tree National Park, and have conducted our contact expeditions at that site since 1996.

This site is also where the Orion Transmissions occurred. These are a series of electromagnetic signals downloaded via the CSETI radar detectors, which began in 2007 and continued intensely during our 2008 and 2009 expeditions. (See“Contact: Countdown to Transformation” and accompanying DVD for interpretations and recordings of the transmissions.)

On the night of November 17, 2009, a series of remarkable events transpired. Upon setting up at the site, The Orion Transmissions recurred, with full lock-on of electromagnetic devices, including magnetometers, tri-field meters and radar and laser detectors. During a break, a group of us walked east from our contact site out onto the high desert plain where the craft in 1996 had entered the earth. We observed a strange, scintillating light in the shape of a circular craft, associated with soft, nuanced areas of vertical moving lights which we knew to be ET beings. Suddenly, a brilliant white laser-like light emerged from the ground and shot into space at a 45-degree angle. At this point we knew a ‘vector’ had been set up for further contact.

After some time, we turned to go back to the contact circle and suddenly there was an emerald green burst of light in the north, which illumined the entire park area. It appeared to emerge from the ground and go upwards, like a fountain of light, evolving through a number of beautiful colors: gold, pink, and magenta. Around this time, a meteor was reported over Utah, and it is not known if this light was associated–or coincidental–with that meteor.

As we walked back to the circle, I observed a soft white orb, about 3 inches in diameter, appear to the north of the path about 10-15 feet from us. It blipped into linear space/time briefly, then vanished, but while it was present it was moving with us back towards the group.

We returned to the group, all of whom were remarking on the brilliant display of light in the north. As we re-established order and were about to re-form our circle, a number of team members heard 3 or 4 voices speaking, from the direction of the path where the white laser light and orb were observed. I distinctly heard 1 male and 2 or 3 female voices. These voices were not speaking a known language and were emanating from an area where no human team members were standing!

At this point, we knew that there were ET beings very close to our contact circle. It was then, around 11:30 pm, as I was asking people to begin to be seated, that Raven Nabulsi took a remarkable photograph of an ET being floating above our chairs to the east, looking directly at the camera. She also took several photos before and after the one that showed the ET being, but all the other photos were completely black.

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ET cutout

Those who have followed our research are aware of reports of transdimensional manifestations of ET craft and beings. We have had countless such encounters, but to my knowledge this is the first time that an ET has manifested so completely in a photograph. It is one of the most historic events in the history of the UFO/ET subject.

Any civilization capable of interstellar travel will have, by definition and requirement, transcended the light barrier and mastered the sciences that allow for dematerialization, re-materialization, teleportation, levitation and, most importantly, the interface between consciousness, thought and technology. Such sciences, while studied extensively within compartmented classified projects by humans, seem mysterious to most people. But they are rather common by extraterrestrial standards.

Indeed, interstellar civilizations require full competency of faster-than-the-speed-of-light travel, and with all that this implies. They do not ‘speed up’ to the speed of light and go through it, but instead, by using very advanced physics and electronics, create resonant frequency fields that allow for an object or person to easily phase shift beyond the speed of light into a form that is transdimensional.

The closest analogy for humans would be the lucid flying dream, wherein the subtle, astral body leaves the physical body and flies in the ‘dream’ state. But in the case of ET technologies, this is accomplished electronically and technologically. Think of it as a type of electronic astral projection–highly reliable, well controlled and specific.

For nearly 20 years, CSETI has reported on such strange manifestations of ET craft and beings during expeditions, but in this case, an actual ET being has been photographed.

The provenance of the photograph is not in doubt. Raven Nabulsi is a long-standing, trusted member of the CSETI team. Moreover, in 2009, she had asked the ETs to allow her to photograph them, even when not seen with the naked eye.

It was at such a moment–after the Orion Transmissions began, after the white laser emerged from the earth, after the 3-inch orb floated up the path with us, after the ET voices were heard–that Raven took this picture.

Click Here for Full Set of Photos and Measurements.

NOTE: These photos look much clearer when viewed on a High Definition computer screen or a High Definition TV screen.

You will note that the ET is suspended in a cone of light which is originating from a small orb to the left of the bush. This is precisely the orb that we had seen that followed us up the path, and is in the location where the ET voices were heard just before the photo was taken.

The ET appears to be a male, wearing a type of vision augmenting goggles, with a very large head with an indented area demarked by ridges in the forehead. The hairline, ears, eyes, mouth and chin are clearly visible. Both arms can be discerned, as well as a torso and both legs, with boots on the feet. He is hovering a foot or two above the chairs that make up our contact circle, and is just east-southeast of the circle. His size is estimated at 3-5 feet in height. Note that he is leaning forward, with his torso and head twisted to look directly at the camera. His right leg is bent behind him.

The digital camera was a Fuji S7000 6-megapixel camera set on ISO 400, with an exposure of 3.5 seconds, WITHOUT flash or tripod. The camera was hand held. Neither the orb nor the ET being was seen with the naked eye. That he allowed himself to be so photographed during a CSETI Ambassador contact event is remarkable and historic. Indeed, a crescendo is being reached, where increasingly close and intimate contact is occurring between the ET civilizations concerned with Earth and the senior CSETI Ambassador team.

It might be asked why nothing was seen with the naked eye, but was captured by the digital camera. CCD image sensors are used in digital cameras to provide high-quality images and excellent light sensitivity. They can sometimes pick up ultraviolet and other spectra not visible to the naked eye.

For years, we have observed unusual light forms, discharges of light and areas of scintillating light around the contact site. Then, suddenly, a being or craft may materialize and then vanish.

This can be understood if one considers that, even when hovering, an ET spacecraft can be resonantly shifted beyond the crossing point of the speed of light, and the only manifestation of it may be unusual electromagnetic discharges, tones, or subtle light energy emissions as the object (or being) interacts with linear space/time. (See The Crossing Point.)

Hundreds of times during CSETI events, we have observed electromagnetic and magnetic field flux events (measured by detectors) while subtle scintillating light forms move around the contact group. Not infrequently, members of the team have been physically and palpably touched during such events, but when they look to see what is there, only thin air is observed, perhaps with some subtle light movement or field fluxing.

From observing this photograph, one can discern that, given the 3.5-second exposure with a handheld camera, the chairs and bushes are extremely crisp and clear while illuminated by the orb. This indicates a very brief ‘bleed through’ transdimensionally of this orb and ET being–the duration of which was most likely a fraction of a second, making observation with the naked eye unlikely. Neither the human eye’s optics nor the neurological system in the optic nerve and brain would detect such an event, except perhaps as a very brief flash of light.

Indeed, such flashes of light and rapid fluxing of magnetic and electromagnetic fields were being observed and recorded during this time period.

Understanding how interstellar civilizations travel among the stars, or may appear around us, requires a complete rethinking of conventional physics and cosmology. Transdimensional sciences that include transluminal (faster than the speed of light) travel, communications, and interactions are the specialty of CSETI and are at the core of the CE-5 contact protocols (See CE-5 Initiative.)

By way of analogy, think of an old-fashioned radio, where you can turn a dial and go up and down the radio frequencies and find various stations. One might go to one frequency and hear a station clearly, and then go up the frequency scale to another level and hear another station clearly. But one might also be between distinct stations and hear both, or several, stations at once, but not clearly.

Similarly, the advanced physics and electromagnetic sciences associated with ET travel, communications and interactions may be completely beyond the crossing point of light and not visible at all, or a craft or ET being may be fully materialized, or, in this case, quasi-materialized–between stations, if you will.

While conventional scientists may scoff at such ideas, these concepts are taken seriously by those in the classified intelligence and aerospace community with whom I have met.

Moreover, some scientific humility is required: Any civilization capable of reaching Earth from distant galaxies or star systems has, by definition, mastered transluminal and transdimensional sciences. And why would they limit themselves to early 21st century human sciences? Perhaps part of the challenge of the UFO and ET subject is to expand human awareness of what is possible–of contact in multiple dimensions, where thought and machine are one, and where the limit of what is possible exceeds even the sky and space, and reaches to the farthest limits of human consciousness.