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French Documents – 2007

Unidentified Traffic Sighting by Japan Airlines Flight 1628 – November 18, 1986

Provided with testimony by former FAA chief John Callahan. Click here to view his testimony.

Sighting of Unidentified Flying Object Off The Newfoundland Coast – February 10, 1951

Provided with testimony by Commander Graham Bethune. Click here to view his testimony.

Panama Canal Zone Radar Sighting – March 9-10, 1958

Rendlesham Forest Incident – December 27, 1980

Malmstrom Air Force Base Incident – March 16, 1967

Incident in which 16 nuclear missiles simultaneously became non-operational at two different launch facilities immediately after guards saw UFO’s hovering above. Provided with testimony by Capt. Robert Salas and Lt. Colonel Dwynne Arneson, US Air Force.


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