DISCLOSURE 2.0 !  APRIL 25, 2021 1p-6p Pacific Time (Phoenix)

Join Dr Steven Greer with special guests
-Carol Rosin (spokesperson for Wernher von Braun who invented the rocket),
-Constitutional Attorney Daniel Sheehan,
-Paola Harris with an expose on a NEW ET crash retrieval case bigger than Roswell in significance,
-Chief Cosmonaut and astronaut Trainer for Russia Timofey Egorov,
-Ambassador of Peace Steven Seagal and others!
-Proof of man-made UFOs that have staged many hoaxed “alien events” will be presented.

Two opportunities to participate:

Webinar (Online):

In Person: 

For those attending in person, you will be in a private residence in Scottsdale AZ with Dr. Greer for the 20th Anniversary of the Disclosure project PLUS 4 more days of presentations (not available by Webinar) . LIMITED to 20 participants in person. These presentations will be the ultimate inside story of Disclosure 1990-today, with information about the how, the who and where of secret UFO and ET related programs, and current activities- AND a deep dive into CE5 Contact, meditation, remote viewing training and the Science of Consciousness.


Total program in person: $5000 per person minimum contribution for crowdfunding emergency documentary (see below) April 25-29 (5 days 1p-6p). For $10,000 or more per person, event attendance PLUS a dinner with other major donors and Dr. Greer at the private residence. Please write to Lera if you want to attend.



New documentary: “The Cosmic Hoax: An Expose”


Contribute today and receive unique gifts to support this EMERGENCY educational documentary to be released in June of this year in concert with the Director of National Intelligence report on UFOs to Congress. This film will be released open source and may be placed by anyone on any Youtube or other video hosting site anywhere in the world FOR FREE WITHOUT RESTRICTIONS SO LONG AS POSTED IN ITS ENTIRETY!


It is critical that we complete and release this documentary film to avert the coming false flag narrative of the “alien threat’ which is at the core of recent US government and media reports. The Unacknowledged projects are fast-tracking this false disclosure, anticipated in the paper When Disclosure Serves Secrecy – written by Dr. Greer in 1999. It is now happening.


To prevent weapons in space and war in space it is essential that we expose this hoax NOW.
 It is time for Universal Peace, not endless war!


All in person events with Dr. Greer are on hold for now.

As states lift their event and gathering restrictions we are watching carefully to see when we can resume.

We might be able to have workshops with limited seating in a large auditorium to comply with social distancing regulations.

And we may hold some on line workshops.   Please be sure to sign up for the free mailing list at www.SiriusDisclosure.com to make sure you are notified.

Our week long expeditions under the stars do not lend themselves to social distancing either for afternoon or evening sessions.

We encourage you to form small groups on your own to practice with the new app: CE5Contact – available at your app store.