houston_tesla_stubblefieldHistory is replete with inventors who have discovered and produced amazing clean energy devices. Men like Nikola Tesla, T. Townsend Brown, Stan Meyer and others have shown us it is possible to have all the power we need without burning noxious oil, coal, and gas or risking nuclear damage. For 100 years, however, there have been no significant changes in the way we generate power.

Even now, we continue to pollute and pay large corporations for the power we need to live our lives. We can no longer afford this “business as usual” attitude. We cannot wait for big business to decide to do the right thing on our behalf. We must insist on having and using new technologies that can turn this energy crisis around – starting right now! We must embrace those technologies that are clean and sustainable for centuries to come, and supply them to All Peoples on the earth – now!

Currently the publicly proposed new technologies like solar, wind and hydrogen, would continue to operate via monopolistic, centralized power distribution systems. However, there are technical problems with each of the proposed new energies which is why we believe that they will not “solve” our energy needs over the long term. For example, wind and solar are popular, clean technologies, yet both are subject to weather/climate changes that make them unreliable in many parts of the world. The new power systems we foresee should not require the present power grid system and must be available to all of humanity as a basic right.

Other energy sources such as ethanol will run vehicles, but ethanol production requires massive amounts of fertilizer to grow corn that takes food from people and destroys land fertility while poisoning watersheds with nitrogen runoff. Furthermore it appears to be energy neutral or even energy negative. It is not a sustainable solution to our energy needs. Hydrogen is also being hailed as the fuel of the future, but current methods of production by electrolysis require more energy to create the hydrogen gas than we get back from burning it! In the area of new physics, many inventors have promising theories and ideas, but without a focused concerted research effort we will continue to be years away from actual working devices. (See our Research section for more details.)