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Project Aquarius Documents UPDATE:

We have received information regarding the font, printer type and so forth from which the documents originated. This data is consistent with the 1970s when the Briefing was done.

We also have received documents regarding FBI and DSI investigations into those who first published transcripts of the docs (William Moore, Lee Graham et al). These indicate that serious official interest exists – which would be unlikely to be the case if the docs were out-right hoaxes by a prankster.

We also have received confirmation from  Col. Friend of the Air Force that Project Aquarius DID exist, along with Grudge and other projects.

While the substance of the docs is deemed essentially correct, the summary may leave out – or even alter- key dates and information. We do not know who the target of the Briefing was, and therefore it is possible that some of the information was deliberate disinformation or tailored for that individual. We know that at least one date is incorrect.

Of course, unless we receive first hand corroboration from those involved,  the case will remain open and indeterminate. While many have expressed second hand, third hand and “arm-chair” opinions, we are more concerned with first-hand corroboration.

The projects dealing with the UFO/ET subject have been managed outside of constitutionally required oversight and control since at least the late 1950s. Therefore, those with information on such projects are free to come forward without fear of legal penalty. It is basic law that any project that is operating illegally and rogue cannot also invoke or apply any national security law or provision. They cannot have it both ways.

Since 1993, I have met with numerous senior US government officials, Senators on the Senate Select Intelligence Committee and other key Senators, senior Pentagon officials such at the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and the Director of Intelligence (J-2) for the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Director of the CIA, and many others- all of whom have been denied information and access to UFO and ET-related projects. IF these projects were being run within the bounds of the law, these very senior officials most certainly would have known of their existence. They did not. Even when they specifically inquired, they were denied access. Hence, these so-called MJ-12, Majic, Majestic and related projects in the “government” and within the aerospace and technology contracting world are operating illegally. Those with information on such ops should come forward and are exempted from any national security oaths or obligations.

In the late 1990s, we wrote an “Unless Otherwise Directed” (UNOD) letter to the heads of all relevant government agencies expressing this constitutional legal opinion. We further stated that anyone who had signed a national security oath was hereby exempted and could come forward without any legal penalty whatsoever.  This opinion was never contradicted or corrected by any US government official. This remains the case today in 2014.

I should also mention that J-2- Head of Intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff- stated to me in April of 1997 that he had been denied access or information on these projects and that as far as he was concerned, we should come forward with all military, government and intelligence Witnesses that we could locate, as well as any other information. As far as this Admiral was concerned, these projects were completely rogue and illegal. He was correct then and remains correct today.

Any such persons Witnesses should contact me at

Steven M. Greer MD
Founder and Director of The Disclosure Project