Delivering the truth about extraterrestrials and UFOs has been an ongoing mission of siriusdisclosure.com. On Tuesday February 17, we announced the release of a fictional thriller by NY Times and international best-selling author Steve Alten called VOSTOK.

How can fiction be used as a means of delivering forbidden knowledge regarding ETs and black-shelved clean, zero point energy systems that the fossil fuel industry refuses to allow to reach the free market?

Listen to this short but powerful radio interview from Thursday and you’ll begin to see the effectiveness of delivering the truth in a fictional Trojan Horse.


The higher VOSTOK rises on the NY Times best-seller list, the bigger the venues.

If everyone reading this newsletter simply did the following two things, we could deliver a message of truth to the masses that would change the world.

1. Purchase a copy of VOSTOK by Steve Alten. It’s available in all bookstores and at Amazon (see links below).

2. Post the radio interview to your social media sites.

Many thanks.

Steven M. Greer, M.D.

Links to purchase VOSTOK:

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